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Dong Xuan’er’s expression remained somewhat baffled at the sight of Han Li, but she calmly replied, “That person was an old acquaintance of mine. Since I hadn’t seen him for many years, his sudden appearance had surprised me.”

“Old acquaintance? That early Nascent soul cultivator is allowed to enter today’s meeting. And going from his youthful appearance, he should be the recently famous Drifting Cloud Sect Elder.

It is said he is surnamed Han, the same as the person you had mentioned before. Are they the same person?” Old Devil Cloudpart wasn’t angered by her stiff reply. Rather, he spoke calmly as if he had an unordinary relationship with the woman.

Dong Xuan’er’s complexion turned somewhat pale at his words, but she remained silent. A cold glint flashed from Old Devil Cloudpart’s eyes. While he did drop the matter with a cold snort, a slight frown appeared on his face.

Cloudpart led her to the front of the palace hall and was promptly allowed in by the fearful Core Formation cultivators standing guard. Of course, Dong Xuan’er wasn’t allowed to enter. She was led to side room to rest for the time being.

Not long after Han Li entered the palace hall, he soon saw the entrance of the meeting room and hurried inside.

The meeting room was rather simply arranged. Apart from a few rows of huge stone pillars, there was a large empty space at its center with seventeen exquisitely crafted wooden chairs placed several a meters apart from one another.

Eight cultivators were currently sitting amongst the chairs in various places. When Han Li entered, there were a few that indifferently glanced at him, a few that ignored him as well as others that were currently meditating. They all acted without regard for any others.

However, there was one person who kindly smiled at him when he entered. He beckoned to Han Li and said, “Fellow Daoist Han, you’ve emerged from seclusion. If you don’t find it distasteful, how about you sit next to me?” This man was the leader of the Heavenly Dao Alliance, the Phoenix Cry Sect’s Long Han.

“Many thanks Brother Long!” Han Li sat down at his side and began to silently examine the other cultivators in the room.

A short moment later, Old Devil Cloudpart entered the room. He glanced at the others within and chuckled before boldly taking a seat in an empty chair. He sat down in the seat next to a blue-robed old man who was holding a white jade wine cup and a small emerald-green pot, drinking by himself.

When Old Devil Cloudpart sat near him, his fragrant scent drifted towards old man, causing the him to glare at Devil Cloudpart and curse his own luck. He paid no attention to the old man’s dissatisfaction; instead, glancing around him and examining Han Li with much interest, much to Han Li’s unease.

With a frown, he bluntly closed his eyes and remained expressionless. However, he was still pondering what relationship this old devil had with Dong Xuan’er

In the past, Dong Xuan’er h

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