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Master Sunreach explained, “If it were that Restriction Breaking Bead, it definitely wouldn’t have an effect on a high-grade restriction. Brother Long may not know this, but the Restriction Breaking Beads that have spread are only half-finished goods. True Restriction Breaking Beads not only require many precious materials, but they are also difficult to refine. As a result, they possess great efficacy at breaking high-grade restrictions. Of course, since my sect hadn’t used them often, we hadn’t refined many of them. But for those Fellow Daoists that will be fighting in the wagered battles, my sect has managed to gather together ten Restriction Breaking Beads. So long as they have this on hand, they will be able to break the barrier and escape, given that they aren’t immediately dealt with. As such, there is no need to worry about the future.”

Devil Concord glanced at Master Sunreach and added on, “I did wonder why Master Sunreach was so calm about the wagered battles tomorrow. So it turned out he had a trick up his sleeve. With these Restriction Breaking Beads, we will have no need to fear the enemy’s tricks.

But to be safe, our Devil Dao’s Heavenfiend Sect has refined a medicine pill for the occasion, the Death Return Pill. The pill will stimulate one’s true essence, having most of their magic power to instantly replenish and increasing their cultivation slightly as well. However, once the effects ended, their vitality will be diminished. I will be able to give these Fellow Daoists a pill each. If they reach a critical moment of danger, they will be able to take the pill and use it to great effect.”

“That is great. With these two fallbacks, I feel much more relieved about the wagered battles.” Long Han smiled and then he changed the subject.

“These people cultivate Devil Dao techniques. Why not have some Fellow Daoists from the Righteous Dao deal with them. After all, the Great Truths Sect, as well as several other sects, have many techniques that specialize in restraining devilish arts. They should be quite suitable in dealing with these black-robed men.” Long Han glanced at Master Sunreach and waited for his reply.”

Master Sunreach openly replied, “Of course. These Devil Dao cultivators will be handled by our Righteous Dao Alliance. However, you all will be putting most of the effort into handling the Moulan Sages.”

“This is only natural. The spell warriors will be dealt with the other three superpowers. Specifically by...” The others had been quite happy to see that Master Sunreach has agreed to deal with the devil cultivators of the Jin Empire. They began discussing the matter thoroughly until sunset before feeling at ease. With negotiations coming to an end, each party began to make their own preparations.

At early dawn the next day, the patrolling cultivators caught sight with shining light and heard earth-shaking trembles from the Moulan war camp. Squads among squads of spell warriors calmly flew out from t

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