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With a sweep of his spiritual sense, Han Li found that the large embroidered-robed man actually possessed a late Nascent Soul cultivation; he was a Moulan Divine Sage. Wasn’t it said that the Moulan only had three Divine Sages?

Before Han Li could recover from his shock, the large embroidered-robed man had grabbed the air in the direction of the incoming lightning bead.

In Han Li’s alarm, he hastily pointed to the lightning bead and had it change direction, but it was too late. A large azure hand suddenly appeared and grabbed onto it with indomitable might, holding it firm in place.

Han Li raised his brow and instantly formed an incantation gesture with his hands, detonating the lightning bead’s restrictions. Gold and azure light ruptured from within the large hand, scattering both itself and the hand without a trace.

The large embroidered-robed man coldly snorted, but with a flicker of azure light, his expression returned to normal. Han Li remained in place, staring at him in silence.

The large embroidered-robed man watched him and asked, “Are you Han Li, the cultivator that wields the Golden Lightning Bamboo?”

Rather than answer, Han Li asked, “The Moulan should only have three Divine Sages. Who are you?”

The large embroidered-robed man said in an indifferent tone, “Good! Since you know that I am a Divine Sage and you are able to remain calm, it seems you are the one that Divine Sage Zhong spoke of. My name is Tian Zhong, the fourth Moulan Divine Sage!”

“The fourth Moulan Sage? This is the first time I’ve ever heard of this. Regardless, that manifested hand of yours seems incapable of restraining that lightning of bead. It seems you haven’t entered late Nascent Soul stage for long, and have yet to consolidate your cultivation!”

Han Li spoke without restraint as he stared at Tian Zhong. In that same moment, he casually pointed to the various swordlights in front of his body, gathering them together to form a sheet of azure light guarding him.

“It's true that I’ve only entered late Nascent Soul stage for a few years, but do you think you can be a match for me? Your arrogance is quite great.” Tian Zhong sneered.

“If he were alone, that’d be the case. But I am also here!” A woman suddenly spoke, and Han Li soon rejoiced.

“Who are you?!” In the spell warrior’s surprise, a stern glint appeared in his eyes.

“I didn’t expect that after I hadn’t seen you for a hundred years, Fellow Daoist Tian would actually enter late Nascent Soul stage. You’ve greatly surprised me. Let’s see whether or not your abilities have grown.” Soon after this was said, white light flashed to reveal a red-robed beauty floating in the air. She was coldly staring at Tian Zhong.

When he saw her, his expression stirred. “So it was Lady Feng, but you came here by yourself. Aren’t you afraid that something will happen to Long Han? You and your husband have always fought together.”

“No worries, my husband is being protected

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