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With Devil Concord’s challenge ringing through the air, the shriveled old man frowned, but he soon spoke with a tranquil tone, “We will have the fight with the three great Heavenly South cultivators sooner or later. However, I must remain behind to direct the battle and cannot fight. I’ll have to trouble Sect Master Fang to occupy one of them. It should prove an easy task given that you’ve cultivated the Heavenflash Devil Arts to its peak stage and can take in the Heavenfiend Devil’s true Qi into your body.”

“Since I’ve already come to an agreement with you, I will be taking action. I also wish to test the abilities to the top Devil Dao cultivator in the Heavenly South.” The black-robed man spoke with a cold tone. With green light glowing from his eyes, black Qi began to slowly ascend from his body before he took off in the direction of Devil Concord. As for the scholarly man surnamed Zhong and the short man surnamed Bu, they wordlessly flew after him in streaks of silver and red light.

When the three great Heavenly South cultivators saw this, they hastily pursued them. The six of them then disappeared into the clouds without further trace of them.

Not long after, the color of the nearby sky began to chance in color. It turned from fire-red one moment to pitch-black, another with thunderous explosions echoing across the skies. Flashes of light would occasionally flash and illuminate the clouds.

As six late-Nascent Soul cultivators began to fight, the battle between the cultivator and spell warrior armies on the ground and lower sky unfolded.

However, it was vastly different from a battle between a small number of cultivators, when they would approach and strike one another when they were in range. Instead, both armies chanted various incantations and first activate various defensive formations around themselves, slowly raising a huge light barrier at the center of two armies, shrouding their main forces.

It was clear to see that the cultivators had finished setting up their defenses first. However, that doesn’t mean that the cultivator’s elemental Daoist techniques are superior to the spell warrior’s spirit techniques. This display of speed was only because a majority of defensive spell formations were made from formation tools.

With the initiative seized, Long Han — the commander of the Heavenly South Army — resolutely gave the order to begin the attack.

The first wave of attacks were to be launched by over ten rare far-range treasures, the huge gong Han Li saw earlier being one of them.

At that moment, the platform supporting the gong was already placed at the very front of the army division. It floated off the ground as if weighing nothing and stopped about a hundred meters in the air with eight large yellow-clothed men standing guard around it. As for the large man that had been sitting at its side, he was now stood at the gong’s side with a three meter tall iron hammer in his hand, his eyes still closed.

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