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As soon as the azure ember left the green-robed woman’s hands, it shined with blinding azure light. Afterwards, it began to revolve around her head and give rise to an astonishing display. The azure-white flames that burned on the exterior of the white lotus was overtaken by the lantern ember, and were quickly absorbed.

Once the Jadesun Flames were cleanly absorbed, the flaming ember floating above her head had stopped, and were simply shining slightly brighter.

The green-robed woman then pointed at the ember and had it flutter in the direction of Silvermoon.

Silvermoon was greatly alarmed and pointed at the Purple Cloudlace without another thought. Suddenly, the purple net brightly shined with light and a portion of it moved in front of her. At that same moment, the ancient flower basket appeared in her hand.

Then, the huge azure sword — roaring with thunder — arrived above the woman, immediately striking down at her under Han Li’s command. Of course, Silvermoon conducted a joint attack at that moment. She had the flower basket envelop her body as white mist and clutched her hands in an incantation gesture, opening a large hole in the white lotus barrier in a sudden flash of purple light.

Having witnessed the astonishing pressure of the huge sword, the woman’s expression changed in alarm, wearing a grave expression for the first time in this encounter. After a moment of hesitation, she ceased her attack on Silvermoon and completely concentrated her body’s spiritual power into the white lotus beneath her. In an instant, the white lotus petals surrounding her increased several times in number and mirages of lotuses began to fold around her in a dense barrier.

At that moment, she suddenly pointed at the the lantern ember and had it return to flying above her head. Afterwards, the woman lifted the copper lantern in her head and waved it in front of her. A series of azure flame mirages appeared along with two flame embers. The two flame embers then flew towards the woman’s head and condensed together with the original azure flame ember to form a first-sized azure fireball.

At that moment, the huge sword arrived at the lotus petal barrier. Rolls of thunder and a huge rumbling explosion sounded out as white light, golden lightning, and blue flame entwined.

While the tensome lotus petals were rather remarkable, the Divine Devilbane Lightning and the Celestial Ice Flames were also a force to be reckoned with. While they alone might not be able to overcome the lotus mirages, when combined together into the huge sword, the combined might of seventy-two Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords eventually shattered through the lotus mirages despite their greatest attempt to resist, and faded away into specks of starlight.

Unimpeded, the huge sword continued its descent, only for the blue ball of flame to unhurriedly meet it. Han Li’s expression turned solemn at the sight. Although he felt some fear towards this odd azure flame, he was q

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