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Once most of the others left, Devil Concord expressionlessly said, “Junior Martial Brother, follow me! There is something I must say to you alone!” He then walked out of the hall without turning back.

Devil Cloudpart’s gaze wandered for a moment and silently followed him after some hesitation. It seemed he greatly feared the large black-robed man.

Master Sunreach waited until the Devil Concord and Devil Cloudpart departed before facing Han Li and the pale woman. “Fellow Daoists Han and Bai, let’s have a proper chat. How about you first take a look at the items you want and then decide whether or not you’ll be participating in the wagered battles. This humble Daoist understands your reasoning. After all, this matter will be extremely dangerous. If there isn’t a proper reward, no one would take the risk. But regardless if these items are to your satisfaction, I hope you two Fellow Daoists will be participating in the wagered battles.”

Wei Wuya simply stood to the side and held his hands behind his back. He was calmly examining the two.

When they heard Master Sunreach, Han Li didn’t reply. Rather, the gorgeous pale woman frowned and said, “I am a woman who treads the solitary path. I do not care whether the Moulan invades the Heavenly South or the other way around. Were it not for your message speaking of this item, I wouldn’t have emerged from seclusion. Let’s get the ugly matters out of the way first. If what you have is not to my satisfaction, I will leave without reservations.”

Master Sunreach wasn’t angered at her cold words, and instead replied with a warm tone, “Fellow Daoist Bai, there is no need for this! Although I was somewhat mistaken for what happened in the past, in truth I was doing what was best for you.”

The woman’s expression sank and she coldly snorted, “I am the judge of whether or not it was mistaken! Enough of the past; bring out the item.”

When Han Li heard this, he felt shocked despite his calm exterior. This woman surnamed Bai seemed to have a dispute of some sort, perhaps due to a past relationship.

When Master Sunreach saw the woman’s angered expression, he could only helplessly shake his head and took out a white jade box from his storage pouch.

It appeared rather ordinary as if made of common materials. But in the instant it appeared, the entire room dropped in temperature as if they were in the dead of a harsh winter. Even Han Li, who had long grown unfazed by weather, couldn’t help but feel unwell in the face of such cold.

The woman surnamed Bai revealed excitement upon sensing the icy cold that the box emitted.

At that moment, Master Sunreach wordlessly offered the jade box to the woman. After she took it into her hands, she opened it, revealing it clearly to Han Li.

They were a pair of transparent crystalline cocoons. They emitted a trace of cold Qi that caused Han Li to frown. They seemed to be cocoons of the Icefrost Silkworms, who were ranked last on the list of ex

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