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Seeing that the large man possessed such confidence in the hall’s restrictions, Han Li blinked but said nothing else. Old Man Ma also felt somewhat doubtful of the bald man’s words and frowned.

Han Li smiled and suddenly said, “To tell the truth, although this matter is somewhat troublesome, there is no need to worry too much over it.”

Not daring to ignore Han Li given his previous accomplishments, the bald man hesitantly asked, “What does Brother Han mean?” Old Man Ma also looked at Han Li with astonishment.

Han Li rubbed his chin and said, “Our alliance leaders should surely know something of the Moulan spies infiltrating into the Heavenly South. They must’ve caught some in the past. So as long as this high grade cultivator was a spy, the Controlling Spirit Sect won’t be able to do much about it.

Since we all come from different alliances, most cultivators won’t think that we had deliberately framed the Controlling Spirit Sect Elder. As such, we only have to explain ourselves and deliver the information we acquired from the Moulan. Once they’ve verified this information, no trouble should come of this. I believe the Controlling Spirit Sect should’ve had their own misgivings about Elder Gu by now. Surely Fellow Daoist Gu wasn’t able to perfectly conceal everything after so many years. And even if they don’t, they should be able to find something suspicious from his past movements.”

The bald man unfurled his brow and suddenly revealed a white jade slip in his hand. He wore an odd expression and said, “Brother Han’s words are reasonable. I had also used a secret technique to record his previous words in a jade slip as well. We’ll be able to use it as evidence when the time comes.”

After hearing Han Li’s explanation and seeing the bald man’s jade slip, Old Man Ma breathed a sigh of relief. “That will do. It is a pity that Fellow Daoist Bu wasn’t able to come out and stand witness as his injuries were so severe that he had to conceal himself, but it won’t pose a problem.”

Once that was said, the three had a more detailed discussion about the matter when hisses suddenly sounded out from the silver light barrier. The three were greatly surprised by this and they glanced at each other with bewilderment.

Just as the bald man thought to take action, a huge explosion of flames ruptured from within the barrier. A green claw flew out and struck the light barrier like a bolt of lightning, causing it to fiercely tremble.

“What’s this? He still has the strength to shock the restriction.” The bald man was greatly alarmed and shouted with disbelief.

He then formed a incantation gesture and struck the barrier with a white spell seal, causing the numerous flowers of light to cease, revealing the scene inside.

The bald man and Old Man Ma felt their breaths turn cold. Han Li’s expression was also sullen. Gu Shuangpu had disappeared, only to be replaced with a half-man, half-demon serpent monster.

This monstrosity was

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