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As the woman appeared before Han Li, her name appeared in his mind. She was Mei Ning, who had traveled with him from the Umbra Realm to the Heavenly South. Her beauty had become even more captivating over the few years since he had last seen her.

When Mei Ning spotted Han Li, a trace of resentment appeared on her face, but it was soon replaced with solemn respect. As Han LI was now a Nascent Soul cultivator, she couldn’t speak as freely as she once could. “This Junior was only able to reach her current cultivation because of the pills that Senior gave me in the past. Thank you for your kindness.”

At that moment, Cultivator Song walked up from behind Han Li and spoke in a familiar manner, “Little Sister Mei, is Fellow Daoist Violet Spirit inside?” This caused Han Li to look at her with slight surprise.

Not daring to neglect the two, Mei Ning wore an apologetic expression and said, “Senior Song! Elder Sister Violet Spirit is currently cultivating inside her room, but her cycle should be done soon. How about you two wait in my room for now?”

Han Li raised no objections. With his spiritual sense, he was able to see from Violet Spirit’s spiritual Qi fluctuations that she was on the verge of finishing a cultivation cycle. The two then entered one of the stone buildings under Mei Ning’s modest invitation and they both took a seat. Afterwards, Mei Ning quickly steeped a cup of tea for each of them.

Han Li took a sip of the tea and calmly asked, “Lady Mei, where have you and Violet Spirit been cultivating these past few years? Could it be that the two of you haven’t entered a sect yet?”

Standing at Han Li’s side, Mei Ning lowered her head and replied, “Big Sister Violet Spirit and I had a discussion about this. We will first observe the great sects of the Heavenly South and consolidate our cultivation before deciding on a sect. As such, we’ve been travelling over the last few years. After all, the circumstances in the Heavenly South are quite a bit different from our original home.”

Seeing that Mei Ning didn’t conceal that she was a foreign cultivator, Han Li came to the realization that his Martial Niece Song most likely knew that they came from the Scattered Star Seas. It seems her relationship with Violet Spirit was quite close.

But upon seeing Mei Ning’s gentle and sincere behavior, Han Li stroked his nose and felt it awkward to continue his questions. He simply turned to look at Cultivator Song at the side and smiled. “You didn’t bring me here on behalf of Violet Spirit just so that we could reminisce about old times, right? Otherwise, there should be no need to be so secretive and hesitant about delivering the letter.”

“Martial Uncle, I...” Cultivator Song’s complexion grew slightly red and she swallowed.

Mei Ning revealed a trace of embarrassment. Just as she thought to say something, a woman suddenly laughed from outside the room. “Brother Han, there is no need to make it so difficult for these two little

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