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Soon after those words echoed through the hall, Han Li suddenly appeared at the entrance wearing a calm expression.

Just as the Core Formation cultivators bowed towards Han Li, Lu Luo stood up with a smile, “Junior Martial Brother Han, you’ve finally left seclusion. This is great!”

Han Li smiled and said, “I wasn’t completely finished. I planned on continuing my seclusion, but I felt worried about the matter of the Moulan and thought I’d take a look. It seems I’ve arrived at just the right time.”

“Hehe! It seems Junior Martial Brother Han has also heard our Martial Nephews. There had been many people that had wished to see you recently. There isn’t much to say about the others, but the three great cultivators personally invited you to attend a high echelon meeting. Junior Martial Brother Han, you must participate in it. Our Drifting Cloud Sect had mustered a majority of its power, and I don’t wish for our sects disciples to die in the masses. Junior Martial Brother Han must go and listen to how they’ve made arrangements in the war, and put my worries to ease.” Once Lu Luo finished speaking, he wore a solemn expression.

“Yes, since I now know of this matter, I will be certain to pay them a visit tomorrow. I’ve long wished to speak with the three great cultivators. I am looking forward to seeing them tomorrow.” Han Li’s reply was much to Lu Luo’s satisfaction, and they chatted about what had happened in the past two months.

Han Li frowned upon hearing Lu Luo’s words. “The spell warriors have begun to attack the border fortresses?”

Lu Luo’s smile faded away and he said with a deep tone, “That’s right. To tell the truth, this had only started in the past four days. Although this hadn’t caused many deaths, it is a sign that the Moulan had already finished their preparations.”

Han Li blinked and slowly said, “The Moulan had prepared themselves so quickly. How well have our forces made arrangements? Surely they must’ve made much progress.”

Lu Luo explained, “Our circumstances greatly differ from the Moulan. Although the Moulan spell warriors had joined together their tribes and are not wholly united, their tribes aren’t as varied or numerous as the sects in the Heavenly South. It has proven difficult to have these various sects to join together in spite of the differences in technique, power, and wealth — much more difficult in comparison to the Moulan. Not to mention that the Moulan had spent nearly a century preparing for this invasion; our current preparations are simply lacking. But fortunately, the four superpowers’ have wholeheartedly committed themselves to the war. There is a chance at winning this war.”

Han Li stroked his nose and sullenly said, “According to what you’ve said, the war could start at any moment.”

Lu Luo sighed and helplessly said, “That’s right. Why else would the three great cultivators quickly meet together and convene to hold a meeting of mid Nascent Soul cultivators the next day? Af

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