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With an expressionless face, Han Li raised his hand, releasing a blue light from his sleeve. In the blink of an eye, it expanded to become a huge shield and received the strike from the huge brick. Bang! Yellow and blue light intertwined as the brick and the shield remained at a standstill.

When Han Li saw the shield fall back towards him, he calmly pointed at it, and in a flash of blue light, it came to a sudden stopped. Then, the huge brick circled around the shield and smashed towards Han Li.

Han Li coldly smiled and disappeared once more in a flash of silver light. The yellow-robed old man was alarmed by this and raised his hand without another thought, summoning a small purple flag into his hand. It quickly transformed into a purple cloud that surrounded his body.

In that same moment, the old man heard thunder coming from his left. As soon as Han Li appeared, he opened his mouth and spat a small sword towards the purple cloud. An instant later, a layer of deep blue flame emerged from within it.

When the old man saw the blue flames on top of the sword, he lost his composure and wore a faceful of terror. His body instantly blurred three meters away in an attempt to dodge the sword.

But against his complete expectations, a woman suddenly appeared behind him as if she had already anticipated where he would dodge. She raised her hand and released an azure ball that struck at the spell warrior like a bolt of lightning.

The woman appeared without a trace, like a ghost. It was as if Han Li coordinated with this woman to perform a precise and incisive strike.

Even with such skilled execution, the old man was able to see this coming through his spiritual sense. But at such a short distance, he was unable to dodge; his only choice was to surge the entirety of his magic power into the purple cloud covering his body. He was somewhat confident in the treasure that formed from the transformed purple cloud.

A huge explosion sounded out as golden and azure light brilliant flashed. The purple cloud had crumpled in the exchange and the old man within was in a pathetic shape. Half of his body was gone, and the remaining half was engulfed in azure flames.

Overwhelmed with disbelief and furious alarm, resentment appeared on the old man’s face as he gritted his teeth. With a boom, body combusted and a blinding streak of yellow light flew through the skies, revealing an inch-large Nascent Soul with the exact same face as the old man.

Seeing the circumstances were far from good, he decisively anticipated to abandon his body and flew out as a Nascent Soul in a vain attempt to flee.

However, Han Li had already anticipated this. Just as the old man’s Nascent Soul attempted to escape, he disappeared in a flash of silver light and blocked the Nascent Soul’s escape path. He waved his hand, summoning a golden net from his hand in a clang of thunder. In that same moment, a small sword covered in blue flames shot out from his sle

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