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The ice-clad ribbon hawk shattered into pieces alongside the ice. But when the green-robed woman saw this while she was pursuing him, she coldly laughed and stamped down on the white lotus below her, causing it to scatter away the nearby mist with a wild gale.

Han Li narrowed his eyes, staring at her malicious expression. He calmly asked, “Is Fellow Daoist not heartbroken that her treasure was destroyed? Or do you believe my actions weren’t enough to destroy the treasure?” With that said, he casually glanced at the cleared air, not paying any attention to the shards of ice that were floating in the air.

“How about you tell me?” The green-robed woman pointed at Han Li. Insteadly causing the countless shards of ice at Han Li’s side to shine with white light.

Han Li was stunned and immediately raised his arm, unleashing an azure mist to engulf the glowing ice. But in that moment, the ice shattered and specks of white light escaped from them, each of them flocking towards the woman. The azure mist was too late.

Seeing that his attack failed, his face grew sullen, but he stayed his hand rather than waste his effort on attacks that might have no effect.

He saw that white light was condensing in front of her, soon reaching the size of a head-sized ball. With a spell seal striking the ball, a hawk’s cry immediately sounded out from the ball in a blinding flash of white light before taking shape of the snow-white hawk from before.

When Han Li saw this, he frowned, but soon he took note of how its spirit was listless compared to before. He revealed a pensive expression at the sight. It seemed shattering the treasure did have some effect; the hawk wasn’t truly immortal. He was sure that after killing the hawk several more times, it would definitely turn to ash and scatter.

Despite seeing that the hawk had weakened, she wordlessly waved her arm and commanded it to take to the skies. It then twirled in the air before drifting back down as a white ribbon. Once it touched the woman’s body, it disappeared.

With one hand holding the lamp, she brushed her hair with the other. With a detached tone, she said, “Your sudden stop must’ve been to infuriate me by shattering my magic treasure. It seems that this place should be your contingency plan.”

Han Li grew silent for a moment before speaking with spirited eyes, “Since you already knew this and chased me, it seems you hold much confidence in the treasure in your hand. Perhaps you might tell me something of it. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a lantern-type ancient treasure.”

The woman’s face grew sullen. She said without reservation, “No, rather how about I send you off to the underworld!” She then opened her mouth and spat a ball of Nascent flame into the lantern. Specks of azure light then began to slowly rise up from it.

Han Li sighed and he swept his arms, summoning a green formation flag and a red-azure formation plate into his hands. He took a deep glance at

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