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The Seven Great Truths Cultivators and the Yin Yang Devils were able to withstand the Moulan Sacred Bird, but after a short amount of time, they soon found themselves on the disadvantage.

The two devils were handling themselves relatively well and were able to release Yin winds and undead Qi to ward off the azure flames. However, the Seven Great Truths cultivators were now running out of magic power and they could no longer endure.

There were two old men that were particularly strained, a red-faced old man with dimming spiritual light and a pale-faced old man with white Qi visibly wavering around his nose and mouth. The two were clearly pushing past their limits using secret techniques.

Han Li frowned and glanced at some dead cultivators nearby before looking at the spell warrior, who was standing guard nearby the ancient lanterns.

“Look after the Weeping Soul Beast and don’t let anything happen to it. Withdraw it if it is ever in danger. I’m going to head off to exterminate the ancient lanterns.” Han Li spoke in an inaudible voice and tossed the Weeping Soul Pearl behind him. In a flash of weak white light, the pearl disappeared from sight.

“Yes! Master, please be careful. That peacock’s abilities are truly powerful.” Silvermoon’s worried voice came from behind him. Han Li calmly nodded and when he saw that nobody nearby paid him any notice, he blurred from sight and disappeared.

Han Li used the nameless Qi retraining technique to conceal himself. Although Han Li’s concealment techniques were vastly inferior to Silvermoon’s techniques, this Qi retraining technique was able to rival her own.

Han Li had reached the peak of this technique. Not only could he completely erase the spiritual Qi from his own body, he was also able to forcefully conceal the aura from his own body. As of current, not only was he concealing himself from Spell Warrior Le, but also the unfathomably profound Moulan Sacred Bird.

In the distant, Spell Warrior Le faintly revealed a trace of worry when she saw the cultivators tangle with the shriveled old man. Although she still guarded the ancient lanterns, she turned to the huge bird and beseeched the bird in an ancient language.

When the azure flame bird heard this, it couldn’t help but pause and turn around to glance at the shriveled old man’s battle. With a trace of disdain from its eyes, it immediately turned its head back and shot several balls of azure flames into the sky, repulsing the Seven Great Truths cultivators and leaving them in confusion. Then with a clear cry, it spread its wings and took to the skies.

It circled once in the air before facing the direction of the shriveled old man’s battle. Then with a tremble of its wings, a large expanse of azure feathers began to drop down from its body, and in a flash of light, each of the feathers turned into foot-long azure firebirds. Without any need for a command, these several hundreds of firebirds cawed and spread their wings,

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