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The Nascent Soul grew dizzy as the fragrant pink mist gathered around it, and its mind weakened. When the silver lights struck it in quick succession, its body was frozen and completely disabled, rendering it incapable of detonating itself.

The Nascent Soul’s face paled and stared at the white-clothed woman next to Han Li in disbelief.

“Not bad! Your actions have resolved the situation cleanly.” Although he was the one who had ordered Silvermoon to attack, he praised her nonetheless.

Silvermoon smiled and said, “It was all because Master told me to attack at an opportune time. This person only wished to escape and was careless, allowing me to replace myself with an illusion and escape his notice.” Afterwards, she waved to her illusion and it dissolved into a ball of white light.

Han Li said nothing further and smiled. He had the giant net of golden lightning transform into a golden ball that flew into his hand and disappeared without a trace. As for the Aureate Sword Formation, Han Li had already dissolved it and had the thirty-six swords shrink before flying back into his sleeve.

Han Li took this opportunity and calmly looked at the black-robed youth’s Nascent Soul. It tried to curse as loudly as it could, but it lacked the strength to even open its mouth.

Han Li’s expression sank and he sullenly said, “Silvermoon, bring him to the edge of the forest and search him for the method to dissolve the Soul Seal Curse.” After speaking, he took to the skies and flew towards the other side of the forest.

Silvermoon respectfully answered, “Yes, Master.” Grabbing onto the Nascent Soul, she followed after him. A pink fragrant mist soon scattered across the forest after they left.

About a hundred kilometers away from the island where Han Li battled with the black-robed youth, six streaks of light were making their way towards the island. The one that headed the party was a silver-haired old man, Elder Cheng of the Drifting Cloud Sect.

A red-nosed fat old man following after him asked, “Fellow Daoist Cheng, did you sense correctly? The transportation formation was rather simple. It seems somewhat out of the ordinary for it be able to transport someone so far.”

“I can’t be wrong. I sensed it clearly, and Junior Martial Brother Han should be close to here. Be careful everyone. He should be a devil cultivator at mid-Nascent Soul stage at the very least. Although we greatly outnumber him, we must be careful with regards to our weaker cultivation.”

At the side, the Child Fire Dragon smiled and said, “Don’t worry. Brother Long has brought along the Divine Bewildering Bell. Even if we are no match, we shouldn’t have a problem escaping.”

Senior Martial Brother Cheng glanced at the grey-robed old man and gratefully said, “That’s true. If it weren’t for Brother Long bringing along such a precious treasure to assist us, I wouldn’t have dared to bring you all to brave this danger. After all, if the devil cultivator is tru

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