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As Wei Wuya and Master Sunreach remained behind and had a casual discussion about Han Li, the person in question had already arrived outside. To his surprise, Han Li caught sight of Dong Xuan’er.

The woman was standing outside the hall with a lowered head as if she were thinking about something. The cultivators standing guard had ignored her since she had arrived with Devil Cloudpart.

When she saw Han Li arrive, it stirred a reaction from Dong Xuan’er. She wore an odd expression on her face and appeared to be at a loss. A trace of resentment could also be faintly made out.

Han Li felt somewhat bewildered and couldn’t make much sense of the matter. Regardless, Han Li promptly walked past her as if he hadn’t seen her and slowly walked towards the distant street. She simply stood in place, biting her lips, and watched Han Li in silence as he left.

After making a turn, he sensed her gaze had left him, and he shook his head with a frown.

Silvermoon’s puzzled voice echoed from the back of his mind. “Master, you recognize that female cultivator?”

Han Li casually replied, “She was an old acquaintance. But our relationship couldn’t be considered good.”

“Is that so? From her expression, it appeared your relationship with her was unordinary. Could it be Master once...” Silvermoon smiled and deliberately trailed off.

“Enough nonsense. I have a poor impression of the woman, and we were even once enemies.” Han Li grew annoyed and coldly snorted.

Silvermoon wryly smiled in response and tactfully kept silent.

Ever since Han Li saved Silvermoon and remained silent on the matter of the Purple Cloudlace and the ancient flower basket being seized, Silvermoon grew far more intimate with Han Li. Although she didn’t dare to be too imprudent with him, she spoke far more openly with Han Li. Of course, he also sensed this and felt more trustful with her in turn, resulting in a much closer relationship between the two.

After returning back to the Drifting Cloud Sect encampment, Han Li had a quick discussion with Lu Luo about the meeting.

Lu Luo wore a worried expression. “There is no need for Junior Martial Brother to risk participating in the wagered battle. It is true that Auric Essence is rare, but you only has one life to lose. This is far from good!”

Han Li smiled and carelessly said, “Senior Martial Brother Lu, please relax. I am confident that I’ll make it through the battle in one piece. Why else would I have agreed so quickly? However, I won’t be able to pay much mind to the safety of our sect disciples before the battle. Senior Martial Brother Lu will have to look after them alone.”

Having heard Han Li, Lu Luo wore a relaxed expression. “In the battle next week, I will naturally look after the sect disciples. Please don’t worry about them. Since Junior Martial Brother is confident in the wagered battle, I won’t speak further of it. However, I must ask if there is anything that you would like any sect disci

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