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At that moment, Han Li felt particularly gloomy. Half of it was due to the two Heavenly Tiger’s cunning. They stuck to him like tar but they didn’t dare to face him on a one on one battle. They merely harassed him at close range.

Not long after, he deliberately left an opening and managed to bait one of the beasts into attacking him. As a result of fierce retaliation, Han Li cleaved one of the demon beast’s claws in half, but from then on, the two demon beasts switched to continue attacking him from a distance using light orbs, rather than staying close to him. But every time that Han Li attempted to shake them off with his Thunderstorm Wings, the demon beasts immediately chased after him and bothered him without end.

As for the other reason for his gloominess, it was the azure light doppelganger. It seemed to be formed out of pure wood spirit Qi and couldn’t be harmed by the Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords. Regardless of how much sword Qi struck his body, it would scatter and become one with him.

This was the first time Han Li had encountered such a situation; it proved rather eye-opening.

When Han Li saw this, he used the Celestial Ice Flames to attack, but he didn’t expect that the azure doppelganger would spit out a blue bowl that was capable of absorbing the flames. This had caused a cold tremble down Han Li’s back.

Fortunately, as he had already refined the Celestial Ice Flames to be one with his body, he was able to will the flames to struggle free from the bowl and return back into his body. Since the amount of ice flames refined in his body wasn’t much, even the loss of a slight sliver was significant.

As a result, Han Li didn’t dare to use the Purple Apex Flames. As for the Thousand Fold Mountain and his other treasures, Han Li used them to little effect before putting them away.

Although the azure doppelganger wasn’t unkillable — as each wound would cause its light to dim and its figure to grow shorter — it wasn’t an enemy that he could deal with in a short amount of time. Fortunately, it didn’t have any particularly vicious attacks and magic treasures; it was only capable of attacking him with threads of azure Qi, something that Han Li could easily deal with. It seemed that this doppelganger only wished to tie him down.

As for the red-clothed woman, Feng Bing, despite being at the peak of mid-Nascent Soul stage, her strength was still vastly lacking as she fought against the late Nascent Soul-stage spell warrior. She used her techniques and abilities to their greatest extent, but she still found herself at a disadvantage.

The fourth Divine Sage would occasionally glance over at Han Li, causing him to feel greatly uneasy as if there were needles bearing into his back.

At that moment, the Seven Great Truths Cultivators were only barely able to withstand the attacks of the Moulan’s sacred bird. Han Li’s heart sank at the sight. As of current, their only hope of victory would be freeing the cultivators t

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