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Han Li pinched the azure flames at the tip of the sword and held them in his enflamed fingers. However, he felt his fingertips grow numb as a huge force began to emit from the azure flames and forcefully repelled his grasp — the azure flame still remaining on the sword.

Han Li was dumbstruck but something soon came to mind. He widened his flaming hand and had the purple flames alone envelope the azure flames. Han Li’s hand remained still as his fingers continued to spout blinding violet flames, causing intertwined azure and purple light to pulse.

This continued for quarter hour more before he sighed and shake his hand. The purple flames in his hand disappeared without a trace, leaving behind only a dazzling and translucent ember of azure flame.

This strange flame was more troublesome than he had anticipated. The Violet Apex Flames may be able to contend against them, but it found it difficult to refine them.

After some further deliberation, Han Li raised his hand and pointed to the flying sword in front of him. With muffled claps of thunder, the flying sword burst forth with arcs of golden lightning. As soon as the lightning appeared, it shot towards the azure ember in countless tendrils and completely enveloped it. The pea-sized ember glowed and cleanly absorbed the golden lightning as if it were a bottomless pit. Its brilliance grew vastly bright and the flame swelled to the size of an egg.

As this occurred, Han Li’s eyes shined with a bright blue light as he stared at the azure ember absorbing the golden lightning. His expression wavered as he stood still for an unknown amount of time before sighing. The blue light within his eyes faded away, but his face now appeared hesitant. A short moment later, he came to a decision and nodded. He opened his mouth and breathed in the bit of purple flame that still remained on the flying sword.

Without the suppression of the Purple Apex Flames, the azure flames on the sword flourished and enveloped the entire sword in a mere moment. As the treasure was bonded to Han Li’s soul, his face immediately paled from the pain that followed. However, he didn’t pay this any further attention and simply flicked his fingers towards the sword, shooting streaks of azure swordstreaks from his hands.

The azure swordstreaks had been completely absorbed just like the Divine Devilbane Lightning. However, Han Li continued to circulate the spiritual power inside his body as if nothing had happened and continued to strike the azure ember with repeated attacks of swordstreaks, quickly consuming their magic power.

As a result, the azure flames took the swordstreaks as kindle, causing them to roar and surge with brilliant light.

At that moment, Han Li had already consumed a third of his magic power.

With the lantern flames greatly enlarged, Han Li smiled and ceased attacking. Instead, he beckoned at the sword Qi within the fireball.

In a gust of wind, the Bamboo Cloudswarm Sword was abl

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