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Han Li waved at the huge mountain and it shrunk back to several inches in size in a flash of light before flying back into his sleeve. And in a display of tenacity, the blood barrier shortly returned to its original shape.

He turned around and extended his finger. With a crackle, a walnut-sized ball of faint blue flames appeared on his fingertip. Han Li then shouted, “Go!”, sending the fireball to strike the distant wall.

With a light bang, the blue flames ruptured and formed a blue icy layer that covered the inner layer of the barrier, turning its interior into a world of a severe winter. It had turned so cold that one’s breath would turn to frost as soon as they breathed out.

Sparkling blue covering the inner layer of the blood barrier, Han Li pressed his hand against it in a blur, striking at the dense layer of ice with azure sword Qi. As a result, the ice around his hand shattered into translucent fragments of ice drifting through the air.

Han Li’s expression grew sullen. The area where he struck at the ice was unscathed and still as crimson as blood. The barrier wasn’t truly frozen though, its surface was merely covered in a layer of frost. Blood Qi still roiled at the center of it.

Han Li pondered for a moment before sweeping his hand, covering it in purple devilflames. He pressed it directly against the blood barrier. The difference in strength between the Celestial Ice Flames and the Purple Apex Flames were clear to see. As soon as the purple flames touched the wall, the blood mist protruding from the barrier instantly solidified and began to glow with a brilliant purple light.

With a smile on his face, he carefully controlled the Purple Apex Flames and concentrated their power on a small portion of the barrier. He then opened his mouth and spat out a bolt of golden lightning, thunder ringing from his mouth.

Golden light flashed as the lightning struck the barrier, leaving behind fine cracks. But soon, the barrier violently shook and instantly mended itself.

Han Li was dumbstruck. The blood barrier greatly resembled Ghost Dao Techniques; it was even capable of restoring itself. It was no wonder why the Moulan was so confident in this restriction, even the Purple Apex Flames was incapable of damaging it. Truly, the restriction was more than capable of trapping Nascent Soul cultivators.

Although he felt somewhat alarmed, Han Li quickly slapped his storage pouch and took out an azure thumb-sized pearl into his hand. This was one of his newly refined lightning beads. Ever since he had refined it, he hadn’t had a chance to test it yet.

Having no other way of sensing how the battle was faring on the outside apart from the rolls of thunder, Han Li believed that there should be many obstructions waiting for him as the battle was still in its beginning phase. Additionally, if he were too slow in escaping the barrier, the cultivator army would have already been defeated, leaving him surrounded by the Moulan

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