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Silvermoon worriedly muttered, “Then how about Master use Bloodshadow Evasion? In a single use, you’ll be able to traverse over fifty kilometers. Surely you’ll be able to break free of his spiritual sense tracking.” Although Silvermoon hadn’t mentioned anything about Han Li saving her life, she was touched by it nonetheless, causing her tone to feel particularly concerned.

Having already considered the matter, Han Li wryly smiled and said, “A single use won’t be enough. I’ll have to use the Bloodshadow Evasion at least two times in succession — perhaps even three — and exhaust all my remaining Divine Devilbane Lightning for a good chance at escaping. Although my magic power is slightly greater than ordinary early Nascent Soul-stage cultivators, it is still quite dangerous. Even if I come out unscathed, I will be weakened for quite a long while. Now that no other methods will work, this is the only option left.”

“Master, you—”

Han Li’s expression suddenly changed and he turned his head to look behind him and gloomily snorted. “That person is growing closer by the second. I can no longer continue like this. I can only take the risk!”

When Silvermoon heard this, she chose to keep silent.

Soon after, Han Li deeply sighed and his hands quickly blurred as they formed a series of strange incantation gestures. At the same time, his body began to pulse with azure light and an astonishing spiritual pressure was suddenly released from his body. He then spat a mist of scarlet blood essence from his mouth that scattered in the air and seeped into the azure light surrounding his body, transforming it into a demonic fusion of crimson and azure light.

Soon, Han Li’s hands and face became dark-red, and countless threads of crimson blood began to spurt from all over his skin, making for a frightful sight. Han Li didn’t seem to mind this in the least and continued forming hand incantations at great speed. Spitting out another two mouthfuls of blood essence, Han Li became completely enveloped in a mist of blood and could hardly be seen.

At that moment, a bright light began to shine from the distant sky and three silver balls of light were slowly moving towards him. Silhouettes could be seen moving from within the light balls. They were Divine Sage Zhong and his two incarnations. Their scholar robes fluttered as they calmly flew in Han Li’s direction, however, they moved at an incredible speed in spite of their appearances. In an instant, they had already traversed a distance of over four hundred meters and could see Han Li with the naked eye.

“Yi!” One of the men wore a surprised expression, but he soon frowned.

The azure-crimson blood mist suddenly burst with a dazzling crimson light. As Han Li stood in place, he coldly glanced at the incoming Moulan Divine Sage before unfolding the Thunderstorm Wings behind his back. In the following moment, space itself warped around him, and Han Li’s figure blurred from sight.

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