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Long Han erected a soundproofing barrier and took out several small flags, forming a barrier of mist around them. Han Li couldn’t help but ponder in silence at the sight of this.

There weren’t many cultivators present. Leaving out the several eccentrics still stuck inside the blood barriers, there were a little over twenty people. These people represented many of the factions fighting in the battle.

Master Sunreach asked, “Fellow Daoist Long, what has happened? Why do the Moulan no longer wish to fight?”

Wei Wuya said in a doubtful tone, “It is strange. Matters have already reached past that point. Do they have some vain illusion of making peace?”

Long Han bitterly smiled and said, “It isn’t some vain illusion. I fear we may not have the option to choose.”

Devil Concord frowned and asked with an astonished tone, “How can that be? Has another party interfered with the war?”

Long Han sullenly said, “That’s right. The Soaring Tribes have attacked. It is also said that they’ve joined forces with several sects from the Jin Empire, jointly attacking the Moulan. The greatest of the Moulan Tribes was stationed behind as a rear guard, watching over their homeland, but they were completely annihilated in only a month. News of this had been obstructed so well that the other tribes had no idea of this. It seems the Soaring Tribes wishes to sweep us both away and take our Heavenly South continent for themselves.”

When the other cultivators heard this, their hearts grew sullen and silence filled the air. Han Li frowned as well, feeling that matters have taken a turn for the worse. A tiger may have approached them from the front, but there were wolves lying in wait the entire time.

Daoist Shattered Soul snorted. “Is this information true? It is quite far between the Soaring Tribes and our Heavenly South Continent. Are they not simply bluffing?”

“It can’t be. Eccentric Heavenvenge and the other cultivators to infiltrate Soaring Heavens City were defeated. It is said that the Soaring Tribes spies had the same intentions as our own; they sent a group of cultivators to infiltrate Soaring Heavens City and pillage the Moulan’s storehouse. As a result, Eccentric Heavenvenge came across them, leading to an unexpected discovery.” Then with a helpless tone, Long Han continued, “With regards to the battle, I’m sure everyone understood that the fully deployed forces of the Moulan were slightly inferior to our own, but they carried a dying resolve. Were it not for Fellow Daoist Han’s vast display of might in dealing with the Copper-armored Corpses and the Moulan’s Sacred Bird, I fear we would’ve suffered a huge loss. Although the powers of the Heavenly South had done their utmost, the various sects have all left behind nearly half of their disciples to guard their bases. Had they joined the war, we would’ve been able to completely wipe away the Moulan spell warriors, but that would’ve resulted in a huge loss in strength. With the Soarin

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