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Han Li calmly sat down in the room. As time obviously passed by, the spiritual power he consumed on his way here had slowly recovered.

When he opened his eyes once more, he wore a faint smile. Ever since his Azure Essence Sword Arts had been cultivated to the tenth layer, he could clearly feel his spiritual power returning far faster than normal. It had come as a pleasant surprise.

With that thought, Han Li muttered to himself for a moment and he took out a wooden box that shined with black light. The box had several restriction talismans sealing it as they sparkled with azure light. With a sweep of his hand, the talismans flew off the box and into his sleeve.

He then tapped the box and had it open to reveal what was inside. It was a palm-sized talisman that was covered in characters. There was also a small crimson flood dragon that could be faintly seen, roaming across its surface.

Han Li extended his hand and beckoned to the talisman, having it fly into his hand.

In the last few days, he had failed three times before finally refining the talisman. Although he didn’t know how powerful it was, it was certainly weaker than what was described of the past Spirit Subjugation Talismans. After all, the flood dragon soul was greatly weakened from his three failed attempts, but in the end, he would only be able to test its true strength in battle.

Han Li gently stroked the various characters written on the talisman’s surface and sank deep into thought, his expressions changing with his thoughts.

As Han Li sat pondering in the room, there were several mysterious figures discussing something in a room underground, several tens of kilometers away in the Moulan Encampment.

There were five men and two women. Among them, there was one man and one woman who concealed themselves with black robes. Two of the unconcealed spell warriors were recognizable to Han Li: the woman surnamed Le — the wielder of the ancient lantern who he had fought at the Yellow Drag on Mountains, and the middle-aged scholarly man who pursued him for several days without end, the Divine Sage. As for the other three, one was a shriveled old man with dark skin, a short man that wasn’t even four feet tall, and a large embroidered-robed man with a majestic appearance.

“Sage Le, how are the spirit oil preparations? You should know that the holy bird can only appear in this world as long as the sacred lantern burns. There can’t be any mistakes.” Despite the wrinkles on the old man’s face, his eyes were bright and clear.

The green-robed woman surnamed Le respectfully replied, “Divine Sage Zhu, please don’t worry. My clan is treating this battle as a matter of life or death. We’ve brought out all the spirit oil that my clan has produced for over a thousand years. It should be enough to employ the holy bird for the battle.”

The old man then turned his questions to the middle-aged scholarly man. “Brother Zhong, were there any problems with organizing the

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