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Han Li expressionlessly watched the box rebound off of the light barrier and fall to the ground outside. He didn’t have the slightest intention of releasing the restrictions. He only solemnly stared at the gold box in complete silence.

With his hands behind his back, the Bone Sage serenely spoke, “What? You fear that that the box is under the effect of ghost thread alterations? Relax. This old ghost has already given up. I can no longer act against you as I only have you left to assist me with Zenith Yin. The large number of Gold Lightning Bamboo magic treasures that are contained within your body were particularly outside of my expectations. They will prove to be extremely effective when dealing with Zenith Yin’s Profound Yin Arts. Harming you at this point would be harming myself.”

Han Li focused his sights on the Bone Sage. If he plotted against him once, he would naturally be willing to do it again for reasons still unknown. Although his words and actions were agreeable, it was best for him to remain vigilant.

With that thought, Han Li raised his arm and shot a slim arc of faint gold lightning, striking the gold box with shock. After swaying several times, no odd transformations had occurred.

Han Li let out a sigh of relief. If the box was transformed from something demonic, it would’ve undoubtedly shown a reaction.

With his heart at ease, he beckoned to the box and the gold case shot towards him. At that same moment, the light barrier flickered, allowing the gold box to pass through the in that instant.

Han Li saw that the Bone Sage still had yet to move with his spiritual sense and had somewhat relaxed. He then lowered his head to look at the gold box.

With a cold glint shining from his eyes, Han Li stared at the box in his hands, contemplating about something.

When the Bone Sage saw Han Li’s cautious appearance, he scoffed and leisurely watched from above without any intention of urging him.

Han Li then looked down at the avatar of the spirit ginseng, the white rabbit. It was motionlessly lying on the ground as if it were unconscious.

Han Li muttered to himself for a moment. Then without any further hesitation, he gently flipped the cover of the gold box, revealing a sudden azure light shining from the box. The box then fully opened the rest of the way by itself and revealed what was inside.

Han Li hastily focused his gaze on the small item before him. It was half a foot long and an earthy yellow with dry, wrinkled skin appearing like one would commonly expect from the roots of an old tree.

Han Li was speechless.

While Han Li was doubting whether this truly was the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng or whether the Bone Sage had replaced some unknown item to dupe him with, the motionless rabbit that was lying on the ground suddenly leapt towards him as an orb of white light, shooting towards the roots in the golden box.

Han Li was initially surprised but he soon revealed joy.

The Ninecurl S

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