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Although Han Li walked the path of Immortality, he didn’t hold the slightest belief in destiny or fate. In his view, Immortal cultivation was merely a method of pursuing eternal life. If any true immortals were to appear before him, he would show great reverence, but he wouldn’t become absolutely subservient to them.

Fairy Violet Spirit and Ge Li were stunned in response to Han Li’s blunt words, before revealing embarrassment.

To tell the truth, it wasn’t only Han Li who thought this. A majority of cultivators merely treated this “Weeping Soul Beast” as a rumor. Under these circumstances, who wouldn’t directly dismiss this like Han Li did? After all, topics relating to destiny and heavenly law only existed in their heart.

At that moment, the black-robed man had gone deeper into the ghost fog with the Weeping Soul Beast and had completely disappeared from sight.

After glancing into the ghost fog, Han Li formed a faint smile and said, “Let us go! Since there was someone willing to scout the path, we shouldn’t be so disrespectful.”

“What does Fellow Daoist Han mean?” The old man Ge Li didn’t seem to fully understand Han Li. Of course, he did understand what Han Li meant and would’ve also done this if Han Li hadn’t agreed to cooperate with him. However, he viewed the black-robed man with contempt. To now take advantage of his lead in front of the other two was truly quite a loss of face. As such, he could only assume an appearance of confusion and have Han Li take the initiative to mention it.

When Han Li heard the old man’s words, he gave him a mysterious smile. He then wordlessly look the lead and walked in the direction that the black robed man had disappeared in. Naturally, Fairy Violet Spirit closely followed after him without any hesitation.

Ge Li was initially stunned upon seeing then. But he soon followed after them with a red face.

Once the light grey ghost fog felt living people walk into it, it flared up as if it were alive and started rolling towards the three.

If common mortals were to be plagued by this grey mist, their blood essence would be immediately drained, turning them into dried up corpses. In addition, their souls would then become a part of the ghost fog and they would be unable to free themselves from their fates as ghosts. However, as Han Li and the other two were cultivators, they had no fear of this trifling ghost fog.

With flickers of radiance, each their bodies were enveloped by their own methods of protection.

Ge Li raised his hand and released a small, fire-red umbrella. It swivelled about three meters above his head and enveloped the old man in a red beam of light. When the ghost fog touched this red light, threads of strange azure smoke were released with a puff, followed by ghostly wails. When the ghost fog saw this, it only dared to appear menacingly before the red light and no longer approached it as if it was intelligent.

Fairy Violet Spirit released four fist-siz

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