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The huge black tiger’s eyes ominously glinted upon seeing the transformed flood dragons that were attempting to constrict him. With a low growl, it opened its mouth wide and shot out over ten, head-sized black light orbs in succession.

The transparent azure flood dragon was able to swipe away the first few light orbs, but it wasn’t able to block the rest. With a mournful wail, the flood dragon was shattered, revealing the flying swords.

The flying swords were knocked over forty meters away by the remaining light orbs. The swords’ azure light dimmed as if their spirituality had suffered damage.

When Han Li saw this, he felt slight regret and hastily pointed at them, causing them to streak back into his body for recuperation. Then with a wave of his other hand, he sent out another four azure flying swords, stabbing towards the huge tiger in a blur.

The black ghost shadow grew impatient upon seeing this. After taking a deep breath, it released a long, deafening shriek.

When the demon tiger heard this, it immediately lowered its head. Its neck became twisted and its two front claws dug into the ground. An astonishing scene followed!

A huge protrusion began to swell from the side of the tiger’s head. With a flash of black light, It grew to become a smaller tiger head. With the appearance of its second head, the demonic Qi surrounding its body soared. The transformation of this two headed tiger caused Han Li to tightly crease his brow.

At that moment, the two heads of the demon tiger artifact spirit widely opened their mouths and shot out a dense, overbearing barrage of black light balls towards Han Li.

Han Li didn’t dare to be careless. He formed an incantation gesture and caused his four flying swords to violently sway in mid-flight, making them appear as eight blades. With a burst of radiance, the eight flying swords then combined together to form a ten-meter-long azure sword.

When Han Li looked at the sword, his eyes flickered with a strange expression. He opened his mouth without hesitation and spat out a cloud of glowing azure light towards the huge sword.

The cloud of pure true essence caused the huge sword to radiate brilliance and release a long, clear ring, before transforming into an azure blur. As it fiercely chopped towards the black light orbs, it faintly released the sounds of thunder.

Black and azure radiance scattered upon collision, followed by a series of explosions. This display released an astonishing pressure.

The huge azure sword chopped through the light orbs with unstoppable momentum in a display of divine might. However, the black light orbs were endless. For every destroyed light orb, it seemed as if the two tiger heads would just release another wild torrent

This scene caused Han Li’s expression to sink. This was unexpected.

As he considered using other magic techniques to strike the enemy or send out more flying swords, a series of slight fluctuations occurred about

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