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When Bu Xu entered the Heavenvoid Hall and saw so many Nascent Soul eccentrics appear, he felt as if he had been drenched in cold water.

Any Nascent Soul cultivator that arrived here would naturally go hunt for treasures in the Inner Halls. The Heavenvoid Cauldron was certain to be the most important among them. Although Nascent Soul cultivators had also attended previous openings of the Heavenvoid Hall, there would only be about four of them. But now, there were actually eight Nascent Soul cultivators, causing his hopes to grow very faint.

But since he had already arrived, he was unwilling to cowardly return. As such, he entered the Path of Molten Rock, holding a slight sliver of hope that it would prove to be as smooth as it had been with the ghost mist.

To tell the truth, he did hold some fear towards the ghost mist and a later trial, the Boundary of Fantastical Illusion. However, he didn’t hold much regard for the Paths of Ice and Fire and never doubted whether or not he could pass it. This was because he cultivated a cultivation art well known amongst the Scattered Star Seas, the Tranquil Yang Art.

This cultivation art had forcefully inserted itself among the top ten mental cultivation arts among fire cultivation techniques. He had lost count of how many enemies he had exterminated, turning them entirely to ash with his Tranquil Yang True Fire. As such, he held complete confidence towards treading thePath of Molten Rock and resisting the heat with complete ease.

Naturally, given his many years of cultivation, he wouldn’t arrogantly think of treading the Path of Molten Rock without any hesitation. He had also prepared two fire protection magic tools, but it wasn’t that he didn’t want to prepare more. It was just that purchasing the Fire Dragon Worm had left him nearly destitute.

With the assistance of two magic tools and his Tranquil Yang Art, he felt that he would be able to traverse the Path of Molten Rock without problem. But now, Bu Xu felt a deep regret churning in his guts.

After a short time on the path, he unexpectedly discovered that despite the wondrous fire resistant effects of his Tranquil Yang Arts, he was forced to continuously use his Tranquil Yang Arts at full strength in order to resist the scorching heat that surrounded him. His original thought of ignoring this hostile environment was impossible as his magic power was being depleted far faster than he had anticipated.

Outside the Heavenvoid Hall, he ordinarily only had to make use of the Tranquil Yang Arts in order to resist scorching flames.

It was clear that the heat emitted by the Path of Molten Rock was completely different from common flames on the outside. There were certain to be restrictions put in place that suppressed fire attribute cultivation arts.

As for his two fire resistant magic tools, they had a very limited effect in this strange environment, much to the dismay of Bu Xu.

In his six hours of walking the path, h

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