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The Bone Sage’s frightening red eyes shifted several times before their radiance gradually disappeared.

After the Bone Sage’s eyes returned to normal, he calmly said, “Correct, the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng really is here. Traces of its pure spiritual Qi can be faintly seen from the surface of the mountain.”

Han Li’s heart stirred. He poured spiritual power into his eyes and examined the small mountain with great attention. However, he was greatly disappointed to have found nothing unusual.

When the Bone Sage saw Han Li’s eye shine with azure radiance, he obviously knew what he was doing. He disdainfully smiled and said, “Don’t delude yourself into thinking you can see the pure spiritual Qi of the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng. Only Nascent Soul cultivators possess a sufficiently powerful spiritual sense to be able to do this. Although my cultivation has shifted to the Ghost Dao, the power of my original spiritual sense hasn’t suffered in the slightest.” The Bone Sage’s words carried a trace of mockery.

Han Li’s face didn’t reveal any change, but under the Bone Sage’s unintentional advice, he started to circulate the Great Development Technique in his body.

After a short moment, Han Li rejoiced. He actually caught sight of extremely faint traces of azure light scattered throughout the mountain.

Not aware that Han Li could clearly see the pure spiritual Qi, the Bone Sage looked down at the mountain and indifferently said, “As I have been here before, I fortunately have a method of acquiring the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng. As a result, I acquired a few particular items from a small island along the way. We will first arrange a trap. Then, we’ll have the Ninecurl Spirit run into it, allowing it to be easily captured.” He then extended his hand towards his storage pouch and took out a dazzling gold item.

“This is?” Han Li looked on with amazement.

The egg-sized golden ball of thread released a faint radiance as if it had been specially refined.

The Bone Sage scoffed at Han Li’s bewildered expression and clutched the ball. With a flash of black light, long golden threads shot out from the ball and quickly wove themselves into a small, exquisite gold net. It was only the size of his palm, but its sparkling shine gave an unusual impression.

The Bone Sage stared at Han Li and solemnly said, “The Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng is something that can only be caught with an object of pure gold. Other magic treasures and tools will be completely ineffective. Take proper care of this. It will be used to catch the spirit ginseng when it tries to flee.”

Han Li raised his brow and pondered for a moment before silently beckoning to the gold net. Woosh. The net flew into his hand, and he placed it into his storage pouch without a further glance.

When the Bone Sage saw this, his eyes smiled. With a flip of his hand, he took out four earth-yellow flags. The small flags were layered with talisman markings that concealed their flickering

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