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Han Li felt his blood run cold and his face trembled upon witnessing the ferocity of the Asura Flames.

After the grey flames incinerated the Bone Sage, they condensed into a delicate ember and flew off.

For some unknown reason, the Bone Sage’s death had caused a strange transformation in the Asura Flames. All of the grey embers simultaneously released a thread of dark green Qi along with a spark of black lightning, turning the embers blue in an instant. The embers appeared to have returned to their original form as Celestial Ice Flames.

Han Li suddenly felt his surroundings compress, as the air filled with blue glacial Qi. The glacial Qi started to cover the ground in thin layer of ice, spreading to the rest of the area within the light barrier.

Han Li turned pale from fright at the sudden onslaught of cold and wildly poured spiritual power into the White Rhino Emblem. A scorching white light was emitted that repelled the cold Qi, barring it from approaching his body.

It seemed the Celestial Ice Flame’s true capabilities were only displayed after the Bone Sage had lost control. In only a short moment, the entire surface of the stone platform had been covered in a sheet of frost. Han Li’s barrier of white light barely managed to protect him, but it massively drained his magic power, causing him to bitterly curse.

Han Li now understood that the Bone Sage’s Celestial Ice Flames were weakened from either his shallow cultivation or a lack of time to refine them. This would explain why he had only been able to use a faction of its true power a moment ago.

Had the Bone Sage displayed this fearsome power with his Celestial Ice Flames from the start, he would’ve been able to kill Han Li several times over without having any need to refine the Asura Flames. In addition, it is likely that the true power of the Asura Flames hadn’t been displayed either. Its power had probably only reached a tenth of its potential!

As these domineering thoughts entered his mind, he had nearly deduced the entire truth of the matter. Regardless, he wasn’t about to let himself to foolishly meet his end by the masterless Celestial Ice Flames after having put so much effort into eliminating the Bone Sage.

At that moment, he grit his teeth and reached for the spirit beast pouch at his waist. He was going to release the Gold Devouring Beetle’s and see whether or not they could increase his odds of survival.

The still immature Gold Devouring Beetles were certain to be unable to resist the fearsome chill, but Han Li didn’t have many options left to keep his life.

Han Li’s palm moved and just as he was about to open the spirit beast pouch a sudden change occurred.

The floating blue embers throughout the room suddenly flickered several times before releasing a clear ringing sound. They seemed to have received some sort of command and started to shoot towards the sky, condensing into a single solid form.

A short moment later, a shinin

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