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Han Li and the others were currently walking through a maze-like series of intersecting stone passageways. Each intersection had a stone gate inscribed with strange talisman characters.

These stone gates were identical in size: over thirty meters wide and in the shape of a square. They would always point in the directions of either north, south, east, or west, seemingly at random. However, they all radiated a faint white light. They were clearly affected by some sort of restriction.

Although he would only encounter a crossroads after a long distance, Han Li reckoned that during their entire time in the Inner Halls, they’d already encountered at least eight different stone gates. Each time, they neither changed direction nor entered the stone gates.

They eventually arrived at an intersection that caused Han Li’s expression stir.

The gate there slightly differed from the other ones. Although the talisman characters and structure was the same, it was completely devoid of light as if the restriction on it had been extinguished. As a result, Han Li further studied it with a strange expression.

Wu Chou saw Han Li’s expression and spoke to him with a familiar tone, “Junior Martial Brother Han, this stone gate has already had its treasure seized by others. What is worth seeing? If it weren’t for the fact that each person could only use a single Heavenvoid map fragment before being teleported out, I would’ve also thought to pick a stone gate and hastily see what was within. Once a Heavenvoid Map fragment was used to open a stone gate, one is unable to leave until the treasure is acquired. As Core Formation cultivators we are only be able to acquire treasures on the first floor. Picking a room on the later floors would be the same as suicide.”

‘Junior Martial Brother Han?’ When Han Li heard Wu Chou address him as such in a voice transmission, he felt disgust spread throughout his body.

When Han Li eventually managed to recollect himself, he replied with a beaming smile, “Then why isn’t Brother Wu choosing a gate on the first floor? Would it not be a waste of an opportunity to wait until you’ve arrived at the second floor or higher?”

“Sigh! I wish I could, but my esteemed grandfather has repeatedly warned me that I must stay by his side on this treasure hunt as I may prove useful.” Wu Chou wore a reluctant expression as he glanced at the stone gate. A trace of greed flickered in his eyes.

Han Li slightly smiled and swept his gaze across the stone gate. So long as he entered and acquired the treasure it contained, he would be teleported outside. He would be keeping this in mind. Who knew whether or not he could use this as a method of escape?

At that moment, the group passed through another intersection and into the passage ahead of them. That same moment, a heavy, muffled thud came from their front. The sound continued as if something huge was slowly heading towards them.

Zenith Yin and Qing Yi’s expressions sli

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