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There was no question as to whether or not this passageway led to the Boundary of Fantastical Illusion. With his cultivation of the Great Development Technique along with the Matron Screen Beads that Zenith Yin lent him, passing through this trial should be a matter of ease.

With that thought, Han Li turned his attention to carefully examining the two ancient treasures in his hands. If he couldn’t fully understand the scope of their power, he wouldn’t be able to effectively use them when the time came.

With a flash of blood-red light, the cloak disappeared from his hand, leaving only the chain of five copper bands in his other hand. These five copper bands were about as wide as an ordinary arm and had mysterious talisman markings engraved on their surface, causing them to appear mystifying.

Han Li lightly shook them with a wave of his wrist. The colorful glow of the copper bands continuously fluctuated in response and released the faint cry of a phoenix. A flicker of spirit appeared from Han Li’s eyes as he lowered his head in thought. He then slowly poured spiritual power into the copper bands through his fingers.

During this, Han Li solemnly gazed at the bands without blinking. Then with a flash of colorful light, the chain of five bands abruptly disappeared without a trace.

Han Li was startled, but something soon came to mind. He looked upward to see the five copper bands floating not far above his head. They were ceaselessly flickering with demonic light.

Han Li frowned and raised his arm, sending out an azure incantation seal. The copper bands immediately twirled for a moment before striking the wall to the side. With several muffled pengs, the wall flashed with white light, revealing not the slightest damage. The copper bands had instead been pushed far away.

It seemed the copper bands were not intended to be used to directly attack.

Han Li’s expression remained unchanged. He waved his arm and had the copper bands fly back above his head. Then without any hesitation, he spouted out a breath of spiritual Qi towards the rings, causing them to swell into a huge size in the blink of an eye. Blinding radiance coiled around the bands, and their talisman markings began to move.

Ring-type magic tools weren’t ordinarily used to make direct attacks. A majority of them were used to either trap the enemy or defend one’s self, something that Han Li had learned through experience.

After looking at the huge bands and the astonishing pressure they radiated, Han Li lifted his head and slowly uttered the word, “Execute.”

Immediately after he spoke, the huge bands released a cry and directly fell down onto him. The rings overlapped one another and covered Han Li within them. Afterwards, the huge bands revolved around him with increasing speed, completely covering Han Li in a blurred screen of rainbow light.

Han Li wore a slight smile. It seemed the copper bands possessed defensive abilities. As for how effecti

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