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When the grey silhouette was about to pierce through the black-robed man’s body, a brilliant white radiance flashed between them. The grey shadow quickly withdrew with a shout as if it were greatly afraid of the white light.

The black-robed man whose life was spared remained stunned for a short moment before feeling delighted surprise. He instantly turned his gaze towards a flashing red light that appeared by Han Li’s side.

Han Li looked at the black-robed man with amazement. He had clearly seen a white light flicker like the blur of a huge diving bird, scaring off the grey shadow. Han Li was quite curious about it.

The black-robed man still appeared unsightly. As he had just narrowly escaped death, he still felt great lingering fear. He felt great regret at having ignored the words of others and so rashly came to the Heavenvoid Hall.

But when he thought of the white light that had just saved him, he seemed to have thought of something and hastily reached into his robes, taking out a copper mirror stained from age.

Han Li glanced at the item with marvel.

The shape of the mirror was peculiar, and its spiritual Qi was concealed, could it be an ancient treasure?

As Han Li pondered this, he heard an abrupt shatter.

The ancient mirror had split into eight pieces without the slightest warning. The spiritual Qi that it contained scattered without a trace, turning it into mere scraps.

When the black-robed man saw this, his eyes were filled with regret. He sighed and put away the shattered copper mirror.

He then raised his head and watched as Han Li approached. He couldn’t help but recall how Han Li had deliberately refused to aid him at the beginning and coldly snorted before turning his gaze once more.

The black-robed man’s actions stunned Han Li. But soon after, he seemed to have realized something and silently smiled with understanding before turning his gaze towards the ghosts.

Fairy Violet Spirit also looked at the black-robed man and revealed a thoughtful expression.

At that moment, the Weeping Soul Beast had already rushed over to them. It climbed up on the black-robed man’s shoulder and motionlessly sat there. It appeared quite clever.

The grey ghost shadow reappeared at the side of the black ghost shadow. With many poofs, eight identically shaped demon ghosts appeared from around the mist.

Han Li recognized these ghosts from a glance. They were fierce ghosts known as Weiwu.

Normally, whenever one appeared, it would cause a great uproar. An unexpected sighting of such a large group of them caused Han Li’s expression to sink.

They were horned and sharply clawed. Although they were far inferior to those ghost shadows, they were still superior to late Foundation Establishment cultivators. They were slowly crouching forward towards them with cold gazes and were surrounding the three cultivators.

From this, Han Li knew that a hard fought battle was unavoidable. He bluntly gave h

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