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These cultivators were the first ones to reach the end of the Path of Ice and Fire. While the black desert and blood icicle forest naturally proved to be no threat to the Nascent Soul cultivators, the late Core Formation cultivators suffered quite badly to escape them. As for the weaker cultivators, their odds were grim. Only a few of them had managed to make it here so far.

Zenith Yin and Layman Qing Yi naturally worried about Han Li’s fate. If Han Li died on the Path of Molten Rock, his Bloodjade Spider would’ve perished with him, leaving them without any cause for joy. Zenith Yin, who stood to benefit the most, felt especially terrible, far worse than Layman Qing Yi did.

Although Wan Tianming appeared calm, he had lowered his head and was silently staring at his wide, thin hands with an icy gaze.

Naturally, these three Nascent Soul cultivators knew of the strange changes of the Path of Ice and Fire. They were certain that these changes had to do with the Star Palace elders that had yet to appear, causing them all to clench their teeth in resentment and feel great trepidation.

What was the intent behind the Star Palace’s actions? Could it be they truly wanted to tear away at the faces of both the Righteous and Devilish Daos?

Time slowly passed by underneath this stifling atmosphere. Man Huzi, Tian Wuxi, the old farmer, Wu Chou, and the Bone Sage all eventually arrived from the transportation formation from the stone palace. These people either had wretched expressions or were gritting their teeth in fuming rage. They were clearly inwardly cursing at the Star Palace elders for causing these changes.

As of current, it was only half a day more before the Path of Ice and Fire were sealed off. Zenith Yin’s expression had originally soften upon seeing Wu Chou appear. But with Han Li still missing, his face grew unsightly once more.

Wu Chou was able to pass through the Path of Ice and Fire unscathed because he had fortunately been given an ancient protective treasure beforehand. Zenith Yin didn’t expect he would need to give Han Li such a treasure in order to protect himself.

Presumably, Qing Yi and Man Huzi also felt remorse from this. After all, Qing Yi and Man Huzi also had many powerful ancient treasures on hand. Had they given some of them to Han Li, they wouldn’t have to worry about his survival.

With that thought, Zenith Yin gloomily glanced at the old man and Man Huzi.

The Confucian-robed old man was currently gazing at the transportation formation with a fluctuating expression, appearing to be thinking of something. Man Huzi was gazing at the hall’s roof with his chin moving as he muttered to himself. It was clear that he was pondering about something as well.

Seeing this, Zenith Yin’s pent-up rage grew stronger, but his heart soon grew calm. He merely had to face reality and consider his steps moving forward without the Bloodjade Spider.

At that moment, the Bone Sage was sitting cross-legged

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