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“After following this road for several hundred kilometers, you will see a canyon surrounded by a barrier. It is narrow and very long. Upon entering the canyon, you will be in an entirely different world. Within this world, there will be two paths to choose from: the Path of Profound Crystal and the Path of Molten Rock. The Path of Profound Crystal is chilling to the bone, and if you are not careful, your body will turn to ice. As for Path of Molten Rock, it is scorching hot where one may find themselves easily turned to ash. Only after reaching the end of the canyon will you find the next transportation formation. Once you pass through it, you will have completed the second trial: the Paths of Fire and Ice. As the two from the Star Palace have said, everyone will have a day to search for spiritual medicines before they must enter the canyon. As for what everyone will find, it will depend on their own luck!” The Bone Sage finished indifferently.

Han Li opened and closed his mouth several times and was thinking about what to ask. But when he saw the Bone Sage’s expression stir, he remained silent as three more flashes of white light appeared from the transportation formation behind them.

The arriving cultivators indifferently glanced at Han LI and the Bone Sage before excitedly flying off towards the distant mountains as streaks of light. They all appeared eager to begin hunting for treasure.

As he watched them fly further away, the Bone Sage frowned and hesitated a moment before saying, “Let us set off! If we wait for Zenith Yin to arrive, it will stir up quite a bit of trouble.” Then without waiting for a response from Han Li, he transformed into a dark cloud and took to the skies.

Han Li’s expression greatly changed. He wordlessly turned into an azure streak and chased after him.

Not long after Han Li and the Bone Sage took off, Zenith Yin, Wan Tianming and the other Nascent Soul cultivators each appeared from the transportation formation. With the Righteous Dao headed by Wan Tianming and the Devil Dao headed by Man Huzi, both sides stood in confrontation.

When Zenith Yin appeared, he hastily swept his gaze around and felt slightly disappointed that Han Li wasn’t around. However, his expression didn’t betray this in the slightest. He was even bantering with the Confucian-robed old man as normal.

As for the beautiful woman surnamed Wen, when she saw their confrontation, she coldly said, “I only wish to pick spiritual herbs. After I am done, I will be returning to the pavilion. You all may fight as you see fit, but do not involve me in your affairs.” With that said, she turned into a ball of silver light and ripped through the air.

Wan Tianming took several glances at the Devil Dao cultivators and whispered a few words to his fellow Righteous Dao cultivators. Soon after, the three of them wordlessly took off into the skies as a tricolored light.

The remaining Devil Dao eccentrics couldn’t help but watch with w

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