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During the time when Wan Tianming was acquiring the Heavenmend Pill, Wu Chou was being restrained by the Bone Sage. He wasn’t so foolish that he could not understand how much stronger the Bone Sage was compared to himself. In addition, it appeared that the Bone Sage held a deep understanding towards the Profound Yin Arts. Each of his strikes had been dissolved with little effort.

Although that had frightened Wu Chou, he was now delighted to find the two Heavenwide Corpses at his side. Each of the demon corpses were no less powerful than a mid Core Formation cultivator. Despite the Bone Sage’s fearsomeness, even he shouldn’t pose much of a threat to him now. Even better, Wu Chou now had the opportunity to teach him a lesson. After the eccentrics left the stone platform, he immediately wore a sinister smile and looked at the Bone Sage with a malicious gaze.

After looking at the eccentrics exit at the bottom of the stairs, he turned around to see Wu Chou’s malicious expression and the two demon corpses at his side. He calmly smiled and said, “Han Li, this person is Zenith Yin’s sole descendant! If I kill him, won’t Zenith Yin suffer quite a bit of pain?”

Shock momentarily appeared on Han Li’s face, but his expression quickly returned to normal. He then indifferently gazed at the Bone Sage in silence. However, when Wu Chou heard this, he became vigilant and doubtfully glanced at Han Li. At that same time, the two demon corpses at his side had disappeared from sight.

Wu Chou harshly said, “Han Li, have you been colluding with him this entire time? That’s why he knocked the jade scepter in your direction earlier? How about you take that treasure out when my esteemed grandfather returns and let him decide who gets to keep it?”

Having heard these false charges in an attempt to seize his treasure, Han Li became dumbfounded. It was clear Wu Chou had shed all pretenses of not oppressing him now that he felt Han Li no longer possessed any value. Perhaps Zenith Yin had even given him these orders in secret before his departure.

With that thought, the corner of Han Li’s mouth twitched; the many flying swords contained in his body throbbed with excitement.

But it was the Bone Sage that was first to act. With a sweep of his hand, a green snake shot out from his cuff towards an empty location, resulting in a dull bang. Soon after, a green silhouette was revealed.

The Bone Sage smirked and spoke disdainfully, “Heavenwide Corpse Demon? Figures that Zenith Yin had refined so many of them!” The Bone Sage then quickly pointed at it, causing a green lotus to emerge from its body. The green lotus wildly flourished until the flower petals completely enveloped the demon corpse.

Wu Chou was greatly startled and hastily ordered the demon corpse to break free. But for some unknown reason, his connection to the demon corpse had been completely severed and he could no longer control it. In that moment, his body broke out into a cold sweat.

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