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Han Li’s expression became unsightly.

The web of lightning around Han Li had stopped the grey flames for the time being, but it appeared as if there was nothing that the flames couldn’t burn. The lightning had already been set aflame, transforming the web of lightning into a cage of grey flame, trapping Han Li within. Now, he couldn’t even escape if he wanted to.

But what worried Han Li even more was that as the grey flames burned away at the net of golden lightning, he could slowly feel the lightning contained inside his body slowly withering away.

The decaying nature of the flames gave the Sacred Asure Flames an overwhelming advantage.

The Bone Sage deeply sighed in relief and smiled. He felt confident that Han Li had no method of breaking free of the prison of grey flame.

Based on the flame’s legends, the Bone Sage believed that even a Nascent Soul cultivator trapped by it would have to greatly damage their Origin Qi by using a secret technique in order to escape. Once he refined his own asura flame and restored his Nascent Soul to the peak of his cultivation, he was convinced that it would be possible for him to rule over half of the Scattered Star Seas.

With that thought, the Bone Sage let his imagination run wild. In his eyes, Han Li was already a dead man.

The situation was growing increasingly dire!

As the golden net of lightning shrank, it eventually arrived on the verge of collapse. In response, Han Li expressionlessly spread out his palms and shot out dense arcs of golden lightning towards the net.

The seemingly unending stream of golden lightning from Han Li’s palms merged with the net, causing the withering net to immediately flourish brightly once more. Not only was it restored to its original size, but it also began to astonishingly launch an unending storm of lightning against the surrounding grey flames, pushing back the flames with great momentum.

The Bone Sage’s eyes widened and he nearly jumped! He now truly understood what it meant for Heaven’s will to overturn man’s.

The absurd amount of Divine Devilbane Lightning in Han Li’s body was wreaking havoc on the Bone Sage’s nerves.

Even though the Sacred Asura Flames were an existence a level above the Divine Devilbane Lightning, there was just far too much lightning. It was uncertain which would win!

The Bone Sage glared at Han Li as if he were looking at a monster.

Yet again, his mind was plagued by doubts. Just how many Gold Lightning Bamboo magic treasures does Han Li have stored in that small body of his? Was it possible that his supply of Devilbane Lightning was endless?

Just as that thought entered his mind, the Bone Sage fiercely bit down on the tip of his tongue. With sharp pain and the taste of blood, he managed to regain clarity of mind. He lightly shook his head and dismissed such absurd thoughts.

Endless amounts of Devilbane Lightning? That was obviously impossible. He was merely unsure about the quanti

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