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Han Li pointed at the huge sword struggling within the abomination’s grasp. It suddenly grew still and started to sparkle with green light.

When the middle-head that was spouting out black Qi saw this, it was stunned. Before it could even react, the flat of huge sword released several tens of arcs of faint gold lightning.

The arcs of lightning were incredibly fast. In an instant, the lightning traveled up from its furry claws onto its huge body, creating a net of golden light around the abomination’s body.

The abomination’s three heads simultaneously expressed shock. But before it could even move, Han Li uttered the word, “Suffer.” The net of lightning covering it immediately ruptured.

A scorching, blinding white light thoroughly submerged the abomination, leaving it incapable of being seen.

In that instant, Fairy Violet Spirit and the black-robed man couldn’t help but look over in surprise. As for their opponents, the Weiwu Ghosts and the two Nightfiends, they appeared to be at a loss for a moment before immediately fleeing away.

The two were alarmed at the scene, but after some hesitation, they merely watched them as they fled.

However, the Weeping Soul Beast took this opportunity to forcefully snort and absorb one of the fleeing spirits into its nose.

As for the blinding white light, it persisted for some time before fading away. The tiger abomination was standing motionlessly in place, and its three heads appeared frightened. However, their expressions were completely still. When a gust of cold wind blew past, its huge body scattered into the sky as grey ash before disappearing without a trace.

All that remained was the huge sword and a fist-sized tricolored pearl floating in midair. Black, green and grey were interweaved in the sparkling pearl.

Han Li let out a long sigh and waved his hand. With a dim cry, the huge azure sword dispersed into eight blades and flew back to Han Li, with four of these blades fading away in mid-flight. The other four blades obediently returned into Han Li’s body and sunk into dormancy.

The previous arcs of lightning cleanly exhausted the swords’ entire accumulation of its Divine Devilbane Lightning. They urgently required long term nurturing.

Han Li glanced at the strange pearl. With several blurs, his body appeared in front of the pearl. After intensely staring at it, he started muttering to himself.

After a short moment, a malicious expression flashed from his face. With a flip of his hand, an azure flying sword appeared in his hand. Han Li fiercely chopped down at the pearl with a flash of radiance.

Pang. The pearl was chopped into two, releasing three streaks of black Qi flying away as if they were fearfully escaping. However, Han Li flicked a finger of his other hand and shot out three egg-sized fireballs towards them.

Puff. Puff. Puff. The three strands of black Qi faintly released miserable wails upon being struck by the fireballs before they we

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