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“Ghostly Soul Snare!”

Fairy Violet Spirit instantly recognized the ghost technique she was suffering from.

This magic technique was innate to high grade demon ghosts and was used to attack weaker enemies. Enemies of lower cultivation would have their blood run rampant, and they would madly dance about without any control of their limbs. What a fearsome damaging Yin ghost technique!

When she had originally heard the sound, she had regarded it as a common ghost’s howl and was now paying the price. Fairy Violet Spirit felt terrified upon seeing her body wildly flitter towards the ghost’s sobs.

“Tai!” At that moment, she heard a man’s voice. Although the voice wasn’t loud, she felt her heart and soul tremble, causing her to collapse onto the floor with weakened legs.

She soon discovered with delight that she had regained control of her body. Her heart relaxed and she looked in front of her with a grateful expression where Han Li, the source of the voice, stood.

“Fellow Daoist Violet Spirit! Use your cultivation to guard your mind! You were careless, but you cannot allow the ghost wail to take advantage of your distraction.” The woman heard Han Li’s calm voice in her ear.

“Yes,” Fairy Violet Spirit blushed and softly replied. She then stood from the floor with slight embarrassment and walked towards Han Li with a guarded mind.

When she arrived behind Han Li, she unexpectedly discovered that Han Li stood motionlessly in place and was staring forwards. She followed Han Li’s gaze to witness a scene that tensed her heart.

In the ghost mist not far away, a thick black fog roiled without end. Flashes of red and green light would occasionally shine through along with sounds of muffled explosions along with the ghost sobs that had embarrassed her.

Within the black fog, the black-robed devilish cultivator was controlling a strange, fire-red hammer that spouted out countless blue flames. The flames were currently fighting against an indistinct ghostly shadow. The ghostly shadow was surrounded in fog and was controlling a thumb-sized green pearl that released a pitch-black, profound Yin Qi. The black-robed man was trapped within the green pearl’s black Qi and appeared to be at a great disadvantage.

As for the Weeping Soul Beast that was capable of consuming souls and beasts, it was tangling with two ghostly silhouettes covered in green fur.

Apart from their pointed heads and the several-inch-long white bone prongs held in each of their hands, they appeared exactly the same as ordinary green furred jiangshi[1.The chinese hybrid of a vampire and a zombie. It was normally described to move by hopping]. At that moment, their white bone prongs spouted out a stream of green flame wisps towards the Weeping Soul Beast.

In response, the Weeping Soul Beast spurt out a yellow glowing light from its nose that violently collided with the flame wisps. After being wrapped by its glow, the wisps of flame were completely abso

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