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The hurricane came to an abrupt stop, revealing the sallow-faced old man.

His body listlessly stood in place with the ice shields and green barrier completely destroyed. A fist sized hole appeared where his heart should’ve been. The hole’s edges were pitch black as if it had been caused from incineration.

The man lowered his head to look at his chest and involuntarily touched it with his hand. He wore an expression of astonishment as if he couldn’t believe what he saw.

At the moment, the black lance hummed and transformed back into a dense swarm of flying ants. They madly rushed towards the man without restraint, throwing him down and covering his entire body in an instant. Several miserable screams immediately followed before being met with silence.

A short moment later, the winged ants suddenly floated in the air and dropped back down to their original location, blending into the grains of sand. As for where the old man had fallen, there was no trace of him that remained.

Han Li saw this in its entirety from the hilltop. He wore a strange expression from the shock he felt.

“Those are Ironfire Ants! They must be. I didn’t think I’d see exotic insects at this location.” Han Li muttered to himself.

When Han Li initially saw the winged ants, he hadn’t recognized what they were. Han Li only managed to identify them after he saw them fearlessly receive the attack from the sallow-faced cultivator’s magic treasure and then condense into a lance. There were many winged ant spirit insect species in the cultivation world, and they all appeared nearly the same. Cultivators that didn’t specialize in insect control techniques would find it difficult to differentiate them.

As a matter of fact, different species of winged ants greatly differed in their degrees of power and ferocity. The more fearsome winged ants would cause even Core Formation cultivators to nervously recoil at the sight of them.

As for the Ironfire Ants, they were ranked thirty seventh on the ranking of exotic insects and were one of the most fearsome winged ant species. Apart from the rank nine Heavencrystal Ants from legend, these ants were possibly the most formidable of their kind. Not only were these winged ants nearly invulnerable to physical attacks, even a majority of magic techniques also had little effect on them. Apart from fire and water attribute magic techniques of mid grade or higher as well as a few specific magic techniques, they were nearly indestructible, possessing abnormal defensive abilities nearly equivalent to that of the Gold Devouring Beetles. In fact, they were even superior to the Gold Devouring Beetles in resisting the attacks of magic treasures.

While they didn’t possess the Gold Devouring Beetle’s bizarre ability to consume spiritual power, the Ironfire Ants possessed the fearsome abilities to spout black flames and perform swarm transformations.

A colony of Ironfire Ants could transform into a fire attribute magic t

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