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“How many swarms have we hit since we’ve traveled together?” Han Li slowly asked as he looked at the insect corpses on the ground.

“Seven! Although we’ve encountered many ant swarms, we haven’t encountered any that numbered in the ten thousands.” Standing at Han Li’s side, Yuan Yao obediently replied.

They’d already traveled together for half a day. Han Li frowned at hearing the number and his expression grew sullen as if he had worries on his mind.

After some thought, he swept his arm towards his Gold Devouring Beetles that had finished consuming the corpses. They followed his command, transforming into a cloud of sparkling light as they flew back into his floating spirit beast pouches. Han Li then calmly put them away.

“What? Fellow Daoist Han appears unhappy? We’ve already crossed through the center of the desert, the most dangerous area. The path out should prove to be much safer.” Yuan Yao blinked upon seeing Han Li’s expression and spoke with slight confusion.

“Safer? Do you really believe so?” Han Li glanced at Yuan Yao and sneered.

“Could it be that there are still more dangers ahead?” Yuan Yao unconsciously frowned and spoke without confidence.

With an indifferent expression, Han Li said, “I don’t know if there are more dangers ahead, but I am certain of something. We will be quite lucky to not encounter any ant swarms that don’t have any late stage ants. As of now, we’ve yet to encounter any megacolonies that contain late grade ants. We have to be more careful on the way out. If we don’t encounter any mishaps after half a day more of walking, we should be truly safe.”

Yuan Yao’s complexion turned white, but after a short moment, she feigned indifference. She forced a smile and said, “Aren’t you being paranoid?”

“I hope that is the case!” Han Li didn’t continue speaking despite knowing that that the late stage ants existed among the Ironfire Ants. Although the strength of late stage ants are ordinary, their astonishing intelligence would be certain to prove more than troublesome.

Due to their previous conversation, they remained completely silent for the next four hours.

However, something strange had occurred. They hadn’t encountered a single ant colony on their path. Yuan Yao had become conscious that something was amiss, and her face revealed a trace of unease.

But, when they mindlessly climbed up a tall sand dune, they saw an astonishing scene ahead of them.

“This is...” Yuan Yao wore a terrified expression. Her red lips moved several times, but no words came out. While Han Li’s expression was a bit more calm, he was still quite alarmed.

In the sand ahead of them was a solidarity pillar of ice with a height of about a hundred meters.

The ice pillar was extremely cold. Not only did it flicker with faint white light, it also contained a black giant of the same height. The giant appeared hideous. It had wide, glaring eyes and a smooth, shiny bald head, and was frozen inside t

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