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Zenith Yin’s expression slightly changed. After a moment of silence, he calmly said, “Brother Man, since you have doubts, I won’t conceal anything. My junior disciple will prove quite useful during our treasure hunt in the Inner Halls. I hope you will forgive him if he has offended you.”

Zenith Yin’s words caused Han Li to be extremely annoyed. When could he have possibly offended Man Huzi? Was it not Man Huzi who had forcefully seized the jade pillar from him and left him with a bellyful of anger?!

Naturally, Han Li didn’t dare to say this and the words remained in his mind.

With a wave of his arm, Man Huzi lazily said, “Offend? I don’t even recognize this youngster. There was no offense! I merely saw that his cultivation technique was quite interesting and I wanted to test it. But, how can a Core Formation cultivator be useful in the Inner Halls? Are you duping me?”

Zenith Yin frowned and hesitated for a moment. Afterwards, he gave Layman Qing Yi an indicative glance. Layman Qing Yi faintly smiled and sent Man Huzi a sound transmission.

Seeing the two’s secretive manners, Man Huzi revealed slight disdain. But after he heard the transmission, his expression suddenly changed, and he looked at Han Li in shock.

Man Huzi then asked the old man a few questions with sound transmissions and came to a sudden realization, revealing an icy expression.

Man Huzi narrowed his eyes and stared at Zenith Yin with a sharp gaze. He said in an imposing manner, “Zenith Yin, I was wondering why you would inexplicably take in a disciple. So it turned out you... humph! You sure came up with a good plan!”

“There is no need to be so angry, Brother Man. If you came across a similar matter, perhaps you would’ve used a similar method. In addition, we’ve revealed the matter to you and have no intention of monopolizing the harvest. We’ll be relying on Brother Man in the coming treasure hunt.” Zenith Yin calmly said.

After a moment of thought, Man Huzi’s expression grew calm, and he said, “If I don’t take action, Wan Tianming and his group of hypocrites wouldn’t give you a chance to take the treasure. So let’s get the business out the way first. If you get the treasure, how are we splitting it?”

“How about we split the treasure into four? Including Young Friend Han, each person will get a share.” Layman Qing Yi had long considered this question and immediately answered.

This answer caused Man Huzi to become angry. With a derisive expression, he said, “Qing Yi, do you really think I’m so easily swindled? Do you really think that you’ll be able to handle Wan Tianming when the time comes? And you actually want to split it evenly amongst us?”

The old man sighed and responded with a chuckle, “Don’t be angry, Brother Man. It’s true that my thoughts aren’t entirely fair. How does Brother Man feel it should be decided?”

Man Huzi spoke with a serious expression, “I don’t care how much you all receive, I require half of the treasure

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