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The woman remained calm when faced with Han Li’s questions, giving the impression that she had anticipated them. However, his last question caused her to reveal slight panic. She answered with a forced smile, “Fellow Daoist’s last question is quite meaningful. What great trouble’s could I have provoked? The reason why I was so panicked at the beginning was because...”

Without waiting for her to finish, Han Li insipidly interrupted, “If Lady Yuan doesn’t wish to tell the truth, then leave it be. I have no intention of listening to any empty words.”

“You...” Seeing that Han Li was unmoved, Yuan Yao had finally revealed a trace of anger. She forcefully stomped her foot and left in a fit of resentment.

Han Li’s face didn’t reveal the slightest change upon seeing the woman leave. He soon turned his gaze towards Fairy Violet Spirit, who was currently talking with a male youth with an easy expression. When she saw Han Li looking at her, she gave him a light hearted smile and muttered something to the youth.

After seeing that, Han Li turned his gaze away, but before he thought of anything else, he heard the Bone Sage’s voice.

“Why were you so slow? This master had believed you weren’t able to deal with a trifling ghost mist! Could it be you came across a ghost king?” The Bone Sage’s voice contained dissatisfaction and doubt.

Having heard that, Han Li gazed into the distant ghost mist and indifferently replied, “On my way here, I encountered a fierce ghost. However, that didn’t take up much time. It was the large group of Souleater Spirits that came afterwards that wasted much of my time.

“Souleater Spirits?” The Bone Sage revealed an expression of shock.

“What? Does Senior fear those things despite cultivating the Ghost Dao?” Han Li asked with a calm tone, but his words carried a trace of mockery.

“How could I possibly fear them? However, this old man is quite curious to know how you three managed to escape such a calamity.” The Bone Sage quickly changed the topic.

Han Li inwardly sneered as he casually gave an explanation, “Junior doesn’t really have anything to say. We merely had good luck and were able to avoid disaster through a fluke!”

‘Little sneak!’ Needless to say, the Bone Sage inwardly cursed at him. After a moment of silence, he had no choice but to ask a different question, “Fine! Since you’re unwilling to explain, I won’t continue to pry. The next time I’ll talk with you, we’ll go together to fetch the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng. Afterwards, you will lend me your assistance in exterminating my traitorous disciple Zenith Yin.”

“No problem! So long as you hand the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng to me, I will take the risk of helping you.” Han Li agreed without the slightest hesitation. It seemed he had long made up his mind.

The Bone Sage was satisfied by his decisive answer. After a light chuckle, he spoke no more.

However, he didn’t catch sight of Han Li’s mocking smile and the cold light that

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