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“Restrict!” Han Li clutched his hands in an incantation gesture and sent an order to the ancient treasure.

The five copper bands suddenly tightened and firmly locked onto his limbs.

The Bone Sage revealed pain upon the clasp of the ancient treasures, but a derisive expression soon appeared on his face. “Hehe! The Five Element Bands! Although they’re rather famous ancient magic treasure, they’re entirely useless on anyone possessing mutated spiritual roots, those possessing far greater cultivation than the wielder, or fallen cultivators - like me.”

He then raised his hand without the slightest obstruction and slapped the orb of light in front of him. The orb sparkled and cracked open in a huge burst of fluttering blue flame.

A long ribbon of blue flame shot out from the orb and lightly swept past the Bone Sage’s limbs and neck, condensing a thick layer of ice on the tightly locked copper bands.

Afterwards, the Bone Sage’s body underwent a series of inconceivable twists and distortions. With a series of crisp clanks, the frozen copper bands then fell to the ground.

Han Li’s heart dropped. Without any further thought, he opened his mouth and spat out nine small azure swords. They merged into one huge sword in the air before ruthlessly cleaving towards the Bone Sage.

The Bone Sage’s face became stern upon seeing this.

He lifted the orb of light in his hands causing the tear to grow larger, causing it to spurt out a large jet of ice blue flame.

The jet of flame transformed into a five clawed dragon of translucent ice, whose entire body shined with a cold blue light. It used its two front claws to block the huge azure sword and viciously unleashed a breath of blue flame onto the sword.

After only a moment, the huge sword’s brilliance greatly dimmed and a thin layer of transparent frost began to form on the sword’s surface, causing the sword’s movements to become sluggish.

With a roar of thunder, several arcs of golden lightning shot out from the sword, fiercely striking the ice dragon’s body. The dragon was knocked back, freeing the huge sword from its constraint for the time being.

“You still want to run? Your set of Golden Lightning Bamboo swords shouldn’t have much Divine Devilbane Lightning left. Let’s see just how many more times you can keep it up.” The Bone Sage sinisterly grinned and pointed at the ice dragon, causing it to charge at Han Li’s swords once more.

Han Li’s heart stirred. Although the Bone Sage appeared unworried, Han Li could faintly perceive that the Bone Sage held some fear towards the Divine Devilbane Lightning.

Following that line of reasoning, Han Li launched a magic seal towards the huge sword. He then pointed at the sword and ordered it to intensely sway into a blur, forming an identical copy of the huge sword. This was the Azure Essence Sword Art’s Swordshadow Phantasm Technique. Both of the swords simultaneously released a dense stream of faint gold lightning. One w

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