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As Han Li went to collect the two green spears, he faintly felt Zenith Yin eyeing the items, but he soon stealthily turned his gaze away.

Although this action had been quite stealthy, it had caused Han Li’s heart to shiver.

These two short spears were definitely good items and Zenith Yin wanted them for himself. But he couldn’t forcefully acquire them now and lose sight of the Heavenvoid Cauldron.

This, however, merely gave Zenith Yin yet another reason to dispose of Han Li afterwards.

With that thought, Han Li lowered his head and bitterly smiled. His expression quickly returned to normal before he raised his head.

After that, the three Nascent Soul cultivators worked together. Although the puppets and restrictions on this floor were somewhat fierce, nobody suffered any damage when they passed through this floor and moved onto the third.


Half a day later at some place on the fifth floor of the Inner Halls, there were three people discussing something in a whisper. They were Wan Tianming’s party of Righteous Dao cultivators.

Not far in front of them laid an enormous stone platform. It was over four hundred meters wide and about a hundred meters tall. It appeared to be entirely made from the same common grey stone. There were several hundred steps in front of it leading to the very top, and it was covered in a white light barrier.

But what was most odd was the blue radiance lying inside the light barrier. This blue radiance grew brighter as it approached the top with blinding glimmers roaming within it. It made for a scene so brilliant, one could not look directly at it and see what was within.

To the side of the stone platform was a thick block of ice. The shimmers within the translucent ice made for a beautiful contrast to the stone next to it.

Standing in front of the stone platform, Wan Tianming said in a deep voice, “What? Your magic power has almost recovered? If that’s the case, let's set off! Although we’re using the Divine Fate Sect’s Creation Rites to evade the puppet guards, we still don’t have much time. Man Huzi’s Heavenbearing Devil Arts should be able to deal with the puppets with ease. Only when he reaches the fourth floor should he have to expend more effort.”

The old Daoist Tian Wuzi spoke in agreement with a trace of excitement in his eyes, “Brother Wan speaks true. Let’s go get the treasure.”

The old dark-skinned farmer silently nodded and said nothing else.

Wan Tianming did not mind his actions. He knew that although this shriveled old man was taciturn, his Jade Core Arts were quite remarkable. His true strength was beyond that of even Tian Wuzi.

Despite having emerged from the Righteous Dao, he had spent most of his time in concealed cultivation and rarely interacted with others, leading to his detached mannerisms.

Wan Tianming smiled and led the two into the light barrier.

A dense wisp of purple smoke flickered through the air, and the barrier of white

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