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Despite being startled by the strange transformation, Han Li took a quick glance behind him and sneered at what he saw.

A majority of the grey ghost shadow had already been devoured, and the last third of its ruined body was on the verge of being consumed. Han Li reckoned that even if it were to now escape, its origin Qi would be immensely damaged, rendering it incapable of further attacking.

The Gold Devouring Beetles truly deserved their high ranking among exotic insects. Regardless of whether they were devouring spiritual Qi or Yin ghosts, they were immensely vicious. But, they were slightly slower when they were devouring the latter.

As Han Li thought this, the man-faced tiger abomination was at a loss for a short moment before revealing pleasant surprise at being awakened. It looked at Han Li, the ghost shadow being devoured behind him, and then looked at his own body.

It started laughing with an extremely hoarse voice and a freakish smile. The laughter gradually grew louder and continued as if there were no end. The nearby ghost mist eventually started to roil from the laugh’s vibrations.

Han Li didn’t seem to mind this and only focused his cold eyes on the tiger abomination’s movements. But after a short moment, Han Li’s face grew pale, and his expression became grave.

The tiger abomination’s weird laughter not only grew increasingly louder, but it also became more resounding and filled with Qi. Even after using the Great Development Technique to guard his mind, Han Li began to feel dizzy as if countless claps of thunder roared past his ears.

‘Not good!’ As Han Li was carefully observing the abomination, he seemed to have recalled something and his expression greatly changed.

Han Li hastily turned his head to find an alarming scene. The grey ghost shadow had unexpectedly disappeared without a trace, and his thousands of Gold Devouring Beetles were powerlessly lying on the ground, occasionally flapping their wings. They no longer had the vigor to continue devouring ghosts.

In his annoyance, Han Li hastily took out several spirit beast pouches and quickly stored the incapacitated Gold Devouring Beetles into them. While still enduring the deafening laughter, he turned his head to look at the others’ fight.

He was initially astonished by what he saw, but soon grew relieved.

Fairy Violet Spirit and that black-robed man were in a fierce battle against the phantoms. Although the black-robed man’s cultivation was far superior to the ghosts, he didn’t have an overwhelming advantage due to the nature of his techniques and his greatly weakened magic treasure.

As for Fairy Violet Spirit, she had concealed herself away in a glow of radiance by using a stone tablet and was only attempting to defend herself.

Han Li was slightly baffled when the two were unaffected by the strange laughter. But after some consideration, Han Li realized why.

It seemed that the power of the two-headed abomination’s st

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