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“Little sister?” Han Li’s gaze darted around as he studied the young woman. Her words and appearance had evoked something that he had long buried at the bottom of his heart.

“Fourth Brother, how did I get here? Didn’t I die from illness many years ago? I’m scared!” The white silhouette shivered as she stood. He could see that her complexion was pale as she grew near him, appearing just like small, terrified bird.

Han Li’s eyes revealed a strange expression.

This young woman who resembled his little sister was just two steps away from him.

Han Li’s eyes suddenly revealed a cold glint and he raised his hand, silently shooting out a small azure sword. In an instant, it pierced right through the young woman’s forehead.

The white silhouette released a tragic scream before turning into a puff of black smoke.

“Even if you take the form of my little sister, the two of us were separated when we were young. Not only should my current appearance greatly differ from long ago, but I imagine she had already forgotten my appearance as well. Just how could she have recognized her Fourth Brother at a glance?” Han Li looked in the direction of the fading black smoke and revealed a trace of loneliness.

With that finished, he brought his wrist up to his eyes and looked at the four Matron Screen Beads.

Although he had spoken those words with confidence, Han Li might not have taken action if the Matron Screen Pearls had not burned him when the white silhouette had approached him, dispelling the last trace of hesitation from the depths of his heart.

Although he knew it was only either an illusion or a transformed ghost, he had wanted to take a longer look at his sister’s appearance.

Bearing a trace of indescribable sadness, Han Li continued forward through the darkness.


There were over ten people sitting motionlessly in front of an enormous pagoda. The pagoda appeared to reach the clouds and was constructed entirely out of huge limestone bricks.

From a distance, the pagoda appeared to be separated into five floors with each floor being slightly thinner than the one below it. However, each floor was separated by at least four hundred meters. Even the limestone gate at the very bottom was at least 200 meters tall, making for an astonishingly grand display.

The entire pagoda was covered by a white barrier of light with everyone resting outside of it with their eyes shut. They appeared like ants compared to the white tower. A white transportation formation was setup at the center of the resting cultivators.

All of the Nascent Soul cultivators were amongst those resting in front of the pagoda. Apart from Wu Chou and the Bone Sage, there was also a late Core Formation cultivator there. Han Li, Yuan Yao, the two Star Palace Elders, and another late Core Formation cultivator had yet to appear.

Zenith Yin’s face appeared calm as if he were without a care. However, he was inwardly anxious. As both were Core Fo

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