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The expansive black clouds appeared to be reacting to Han Li’s hostile vigilance. They started to quickly swiveled and started pulling back at the center of the clouds with a grand flourish of devilish Qi.

Han Li’s heart trembled. Just as he was about to impatiently order his puppets to attack, he heard the Bone Sage’s cold voice in his ear.

“Youngster, don’t attack him. He is merely giving you a show of his strength. He doesn’t wish to truly kill you. Let’s see what my traitorous disciples wants from you, before you do anything else!”

The Bone Sage’s voice transmission surprised Han Li, giving him a sudden realization. He then forcefully suppressed the restlessness in his heart and asked, “Great Senior Zenith Yin, for what reason has Senior come to find this Junior?” Han Li’s voice was gloomy and serene, possessing neither arrogance nor humbleness.

“You’re still calm despite receiving my attack. It seems you are quite courageous.” Grandmaster Zenith Yin answer was besides the point. Han Li was unsure whether his words were that of praise or contempt.

“As a Nascent Soul cultivator, if Senior wishes to exterminate Junior, my courage wouldn’t make a difference.” Han Li unconsciously frowned and replied with a calm expression. He felt slightly more at ease, knowing that the Bone Sage was hiding not far away.

If he were to act together with the old devil who knew the weakness of the Profound Yin Arts, it would be possible to fight against Zenith Yin. Naturally, that would require the Bone Sage to assist him, which was something Han Li couldn’t guarantee. As a result, he didn’t possess the slightest intention of angering the Bone Sage.

At that moment, the black clouds eventually billowed away and flashed several times. Woosh. The clouds disappeared to reveal a middle-aged man and a short, thin, and ugly youth — Zenith Yin and Wu Shou.

“You are Han Li, a rogue cultivator from Heavenly Star City?” The middle aged man looked at Han Li with interest.

“That’s correct. I am Han Li, although it seems Senior already knows this.” Han Li revealed a bitter smile and spoke with a tone of helplessness.

“Don’t be anxious, I’m not here to look for trouble. It’s not about that matter with the Exquisite Sound Sect either. The previous attack was merely because I felt that formation spell was in the way, so I sought to break it.” Zenith Yin spoke with an indifferent smile.

‘What was in the way? Did you not merely wish to intimidate me with your immense strength?’ Han Li thought, completely aware of the truth. But contrarily, he respectfully asked, “Then, Senior is here for...?”

As Han Li clearly understood that Zenith Yin was waiting for him to ask that, he could only hold his nose and play along.

Zenith Yin chuckled upon hearing Han Li’s question. After closely examining Han Li, he was able to sense his inward restlessness.

“Do you recognize what this is?” Zenith Yin raised his hand, revealing a dense white bal

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