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When Fairy Violet Spirit heard Han Li, her face paled in an instant.

The old man looked at the white bones in silence with shifting eyes. It was unknown what he was thinking about.

Han Li looked around and indifferently concluded, “Since a cultivator on the verge of mid Core Formation had fallen here, a fierce ghost with fearsome cultivation is certain to be nearby. Are Lady Violet Spirit and Fellow Daoist Ge prepared for the possibility of falling here? If you two turn back now, you won’t have to brave this danger. I’m going either way, with or without you!”

When the two heard Han Li’s calm voice, they couldn’t help but look at each other in dismay.

A while later, Fairy Violet Spirit came to a decision after some thought and resolutely said, “Senior Han! Even if I were to fall and become a ghost, I cannot return unless I have a way to reach Core Formation.” Her voice revealed great determination.

When Han Li heard this, he mentally sighed with reluctant acceptance and turned to look at the old man.

Ge Li’s expression was continuously changing.

After a long while, he dejectedly said, “I came here in hopes of acquiring a few life extending fruits, but I don’t wish to risk my life to acquire them. Since the danger is great, this old man will have to turn back. After all, peacefully dying in meditation would be far better than spending eternity as a ghost.

After that was said, the old man revealed a trace of shame. Soon after, he cupped his hands to the two and turned back without hesitation.

Han Li expressionlessly gazed in the direction that the old man disappeared in and remained silent for a long while.

Fairy Violet Spirit appeared disappointed. With one less Core Formation cultivator in her party, the ghost mist had become far more dangerous.

“Elder Han, should we not continue?” Fairy Violet looked at the dense fog around her and spoke to Han Li with a force smiled. Although her previous words were resolute, she had no idea whether or not she had made the correct choice. Her mind was now perturbed.

“Yea.” With a flat agreement, he lowered his head to look at the skeleton.

With a swipe of his hand, the Fire Repulsing Robes disappeared into his storage pouch.

Fairy Violet Spirit revealed a trace of amazement and was about to say something. But after some further thought, she decided to remain silent. Han Li’s following actions surprised the woman even more.

Han Li flicked his finger and released a ray of azure swordlight, striking open a three meter large hole into the nearby ground. Then with a sweep of his sleeve, the bones and the magic treasure fragments fell into the hole before being buried.

Fairy Violet Spirit’s expression became quite odd upon seeing this.

Han Li suddenly turned his head to look at her and calmly asked, “Are my actions strange?”

After some hesitation, she truthfully said, “Somewhat.”

Han Li gently smiled and unhurriedly said, “I buried him merel

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