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While Han Li was normally steadfast, this sight caused his mind to sway, leaving him in a daze. After forcing himself to look deeper and ignore his feelings of discomfort, he turned away without gaining anything. Despite having immense spiritual sense, he was unable to figure out anything about the abyss.

Afterwards, Han Li continued on his way without hesitation.

Once he grew closer to the pavilion, its true size was revealed, appearing at least four times as large as common buildings. Its entrance was an arched door that was six meters tall and was covered in a screen of yellow light.

After Han Li arrived at the front, he examined the light screen and tilted his head in thought. With a flash of azure light, his hand was covered in swordlight. He lightly touched the light screen with his finger. The light screen rippled, but it allowed the swordlight in without the slightest resistance.

Han Li felt slightly surprised by this. He then withdrew the azure swordlight and inserted his arm into the yellow light. It felt slightly cold as if his arm were surrounded by water.

Without any further hesitation, Han Li stepped forward, disappearing into the light barrier.

But after he entered the arched doors, Han Li stood in place with a look of astonishment.

He saw rows of round white jade tables about a meter tall, each of differing sizes. Their surfaces were covered in flickering light barriers of all colors as if they were concealing something underneath.

Han Li’s gaze focused, revealing at race of excitement.

When Han Li first saw the words “Treasure Light Pavilion, he had already guessed that he had come across great fortune. This pavilion most likely contained ancient treasures. However, it appeared that the pavilion was desolate. It seemed all the people that had arrived here either went to the second floor or had already chosen an ancient treasure and moved on.

With that thought, Han Li examined the jade tables. As he had expected, there were jade tables that lacked both an item and the light barrier.

‘And the stairs to the second floor?’ Han Li was slightly puzzled. He swept his gaze all around and couldn’t find it! After looking around several times with great interest, Han Li spotted a particularly unusual jade table.

This jade table was at the back of the first floor and appeared alone. It was extremely smooth and was engraved with profound, cryptic talisman markings.

Han Li examined it several times and drew from his own knowledge of spell formations to conclude it was a simple transportation formation with peculiar shape. He then slowly walked past the rows of jade tables and gazed at the ancient treasures they contained.

After looking at them, Han Li frowned. “Aren’t these ancient treasures a bit too lacking?”

After looking at several tens of jade tables, Han Li completely lost his interest. He stood in place, muttering to himself with crossed arms and a doubtful expression.


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