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Shortly after Han Li disappeared, a male cultivator slowly walked out from the side of the small mountain. He appeared to be about forty years old and possessed a sallow complexion. He was the cultivator who had treated Zenith Yin so fearfully at the entrance of Heavenvoid Hall.

At that moment, he was wearing an odd, dark green conical bamboo hat and had a white jade bowl in his grasp. His body concealed a chill that was completely isolated from the blazing heat surrounding him.

He climbed to the mountaintop and surveyed his surroundings with great vigilance as if he were looking for something. But after seeing that there was nothing, his expression only grew increasingly cautious.

He thought he had spotted a silhouette blur when he gazed at the mountain from afar. But after finding no traces of the person on the mountain, he became even more vigilant.

After coldly sweeping his gaze past his surroundings once more, he wordlessly inserted two of his fingers into the jade bowl and brushed it upward. A streak of white light then flew out from it and started revolving around his head.

“Execute!” The sallow-faced man softly shouted, forming an incantation gesture with one hand.

Peng. The white light trembled for a moment before suddenly bursting into specks as wondrous as starlight scattered from a goddess. The light then completely enveloped a forty meter radius.

The red land was enveloped in layers of frost upon touching the white light, but nothing abnormal had appeared within it.

A trace of doubt appeared on the man’s face. After a moment of thought, he didn’t seem to care anymore, believing that he had been mistaken. After putting the matter to the back of his head, he then looked at the black desert with a grave face.

“This place is truly strange.” The man muttered to himself as he looked at the black desert with a strange gaze. He seemed somewhat hesitant to depart.

But after a short moment of consideration, he flung his sleeve and shot a streak of red light towards the ground. The light faded away to reveal a small red fox.

The man flicked his finger, sending a green medicine pill into the small beast’s mouth. The small beast swallowed the pill and expressed great pleasure.

“Go!” The sallow-faced cultivator bluntly commanded the small beast, pointing towards the direction of the black desert.

The small beast immediately rushed down the hill at an extraordinary speed, turning into a red streak of light along the way.

After a short moment, the small fox-like beast had arrived a hundred meters deep into the black desert. It was still unscathed even after running around in a large circle.

Nothing strange had occurred. It seemed that apart from the color of the black desert, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

The sallow-faced man revealed an expression of surprise. This was clearly not what he had expected. He had prepared himself for the loss of his Red Fox Beast. As it was but

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