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“That might not be certain. I heard that the disciples of the Myriad Gates of Enlightenment have spent the past few years searching for Gold Thread Silkworms. But information regarding their search suddenly stopped, possibly from having found them. With the assistance of these exotic insects, it is quite possible for the master of the Myriad Gates of Enlightenment to acquire the Heavenvoid Cauldron.” Grandmaster Zenith Yin frowned and unconsciously looked at Wan Tianming and the others with great worry.

The three Righteous Dao Nascent Soul cultivators were currently sitting down cross-legged on a single pillar as if they had no intention of speaking.

“Humph! Not only is it possible that Wan Tianming possesses Gold Thread Silkworms, I’ve heard that you, Zenith Yin, have acquired two mutant fire pythons from Li Fire Island. Your ambitions for this trip are also quite large!” Man Huzi shot Grandmaster Zenith Yin a glance and spoke without restraint. He appeared somewhat disdainful of Grandmaster Zenith Yin’s stealthy actions.

When Grandmaster Zenith Yin heard this, his expression abruptly changed several times before he recovered his calm. However, he was profusely cursing in his heart. There was no question that his own confidants had divulged this information since it had been heard by Man Huzi.

It seems that in addition to acquiring the life prolonging fruit, Man Huzi wished to keep watch on Grandmaster Zenith Yin’s actions along the way.

Despite feeling annoyed, Grandmaster Zenith Yin spoke with a blank face, “It seems my ineptitude has attracted your ridicule. I have truly acquired two mutant fire pythons, but their skills are shallow. As their odds of success are low, I require Brother Man’s and Brother Qing’s assistance.”

The old Confucian scholar’s heart stirred and he hesitantly asked, “Assist you? Do we get any benefits?”

When Grandmaster Zenith Yin heard this, he revealed a slight smile, choosing to continue with voice transmission rather than speaking, “According to the information left behind by the Heavenvoid Hall’s master, there are several top grade ancient treasures left behind from ancient times. Their power should undoubtedly be unmatched. Apart from the Heavenvoid Cauldron and a Heavenmend Pill, how about we evenly split the other items?”

The old Confucian scholar’s face flashed with greed, but after some consideration, he took a look at Man Huzi before replying with a voice transmission, “I have no problem with this, but it will depend on Brother Man. After all, without Brother Man to pin down Wan Tianming, I wouldn’t be able to brave the risk.”

Grandmaster Zenith Yin wasn’t surprised to hear this. He knew that this old Confucian by the name of Layman Qing Yi

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