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No trace of Han Li’s feelings were betrayed on his face. Instead, he approached the hole and took a deep glance. Han Li was astonished by the sight.

The hole wasn’t as amazingly deep as he had imagined. It only dropped to about a hundred meters. With his abilities as a Core Formation cultivator, he could clearly see a flourishing ball of blinding blue flame. A black object could faintly be seen through the flickers of the blue flame. It seemed that this was the famous Heavenvoid Cauldron.

But when he leaned over the hole, he felt a bone-piercing cold spread throughout him. Even the White Rhino Emblem was unable to block most of the cold. He feared if he looked any longer, he would freeze over.

The brilliant blue flame at the bottom of the hole was actually releasing such a fantastical cold!

But after glancing at the blue flames for only a few moments more, his head started to spin. Aghast, he quickly turned his gaze away and collected himself.

As Zenith Yin stood by Han Li’s side, he stared at the hole and slowly said, “How was it? That was the Celestial Ice Flame, a flame that roars with a cold beyond freezing. Let alone Core Formation cultivators, even us Nascent Soul cultivators don’t dare to touch it. Even the slightest burn by the fire would cause a Nascent Soul cultivator to easily perish by refinement. It is said that this flame isn’t something that came from this world, and it is unknown how the ancient cultivators found such a thing.”

‘Even Nascent Soul cultivators would be refined?’ Han Li’s breath grew cold when he heard this. But soon after, his expression returned to normal.

If it weren’t for this flame, then the Heavenvoid Cauldron would’ve been seized long ago!

“Although the Celestial Ice Flame is extremely deadly to us cultivators, there are a few things that are resistant to it. For example, the gold thread from the Gold Threaded Silkworm, and the spider thread of the Bloodjade Spider along with unusual exceptions such as my two fire pythons.

“It’s about time for you to take out your Bloodjade Spider. Let us take a look at it.” Zenith Yin gave an order with an assertive tone.

With Man Huzi and Qing Yi staring at Han Li from behind Zenith Yin, Han Li didn’t delay any further. He clasped his hand on a spirit beast pouch on his waist, causing a streak of white light to fly out and circle around him before landing in front of him.

The light disappeared to reveal the Bloodjade Spider. When it saw so many strangers in front of it, it bared its fangs, and its eyes were brimming with hostility.

Man Huzi and the others didn’t mind this in the slightest. They merely glanced at the spirit beast as if they were looking at treasure.

Just as Man Huzi glanced at Bloodjade Spider, his expression wavered and he said in a tone of amazement, “Tch tch! The Bloodjade Spider is quite large. It seemed to be a peak grade four demon beast on the verge of breaking through to grade five. It has a good c

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