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The Heavenvoid Cauldron had a flat bottom, two handles, and three legs. At over a meter tall and three meters wide, it couldn’t be considered very large.

It had a slightly protruding lid covered in carvings of beasts and insects along with various landscapes. Although they appeared rough and crude, they were true to life and exuded an aura of untamed antiquity.

Just as the cauldron emerged from the hole, a faint hum was heard that gradually became louder. At the same time, the blue flames surrounding the cauldon flared before swelling to several times their original size.

Having originally been standing near the hole, Han Li and the Bone Sage revealed expressions of shock at nearly the same time and increased their distance from the altar.

The entire area within thirty meters of the altar glowed with faint blue light and was completely frozen over.

Apart from the minor flickering of the blue flames at the hole and the movements of the blood-red spiders, everything had been encased in blue ice. Had Han Li and the Bone Sage been slower, they would’ve undoubtedly been frozen as well.

At that moment, the entire altar was covered in a dome of blue crystal.

Han Li couldn’t help but betray his shock upon seeing this astonishing scene and asked, “How are we supposed to get the treasure out of that?” Han Li gazed at the marvelous frozen scene without any idea of where to begin.

The Bone Sage stared at the Celestial Ice Flames with a solemn expression and said, “It’s not a problem. I have a way of restraining the Celestial Ice Flames. My Profound Soul Ghost Flames are also cold by nature. Although it is in no way its equal, I will be able to break through the crystal and separate the flames from the cauldron. In that moment, you will take the cauldron out of the hole.”

Although his voice sounded cold, Han Li was able to make out a trace of excitement.

Han Li was shocked! The Bone Sage took the initiative to deal with the extremely dangerous blue flames and wanted him to extract the cauldron. As this was truly unexpected, he couldn’t help but look at the Bone Sage with an odd expression.

Han Li absolutely didn’t believe that the old devil was doing this out of kindness. However, this method didn’t seem to have any faults. Could it be that it was more dangerous to acquire the Heavenvoid Cauldron? Suspicions began to surge through Han Li’s mind.

Naturally, Han Li would definitely have refused if the Bone Sage proposed that Han Li would deal with the ice flame, and he would acquire the treasure. With that thought, Han Li could only agree.

He couldn’t shrink back now, so his only option was to move forward with discretion. If anything went amiss while acquiring the cauldron, he would naturally choose to save his own life over acquiring the treasure.

Having come to this decision, Han Li casually nodded towards the Bone Sage in agreement.

The Bone Sage responded with a pleased smile. He then glanced at

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